Are you a wannabe travel writer or an aspiring journalist with itchy feet? Do you want to spend a month exploring the Spain of Cervantes, Picasso and Dali, learning the language, studying with media industry pros and getting real-world writing experience?

Immerse yourself in the Spain that has long inspired writers and artists with Global Hobo. For a month over European summer, we’ll be taking the classroom on the road, meaning you’ll be learning the ropes of freelance journalism and español whilst traversing a complex country of many nationalities and contrasting climates and geographies.

Workshops will be held in castles and on the shores of lakes, under beach umbrellas and in bars. This is real field work, getting outside and off the beaten track, following the notes left behind by George Orwell, Ernest Hemingway, Pedro Almodóvar, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and making a brave journey over the Spain Cervantes wrote for Don Quixote.

Together, we’ll explore the Iberian Penisula’s many charms: from the cosmopolitan cities of Barcelona and Madrid to the Atlantic’s San Sebastian and the Mediterranean’s Valencia – the lands of the Basques, Catalans, the Aragonese and Andalusians – from the snow-capped Pyrenees to the hot long beaches in the south, La Rioja’s red wine country and across the vast Spanish plains.

Spain is a place where quality of life is treasured above everything else, and long lunches are followed by even longer sobremesas – extended periods of wine drinking and chatting. We’ll learn why siestas are woven into the working week; we’ll take living cues from the locals and make time to share and enjoy the fresh produce, regional specialities and wines. Free time will be filled with hikes and swims in rivers, lakes and two seas, and late nights will be spent dancing or simply sitting in town squares solving the world’s problems.

Above all, we’ll be creating and pitching narratives, features and editorial pieces about our experiences that are as engaging as they are informative.

If you’re a high-school leaver, this program is the perfect mini exchange to squeeze in before you hit the books again next year. If you’re already in the throes of university and studying something like journalism or communications, you may even be eligible for a full subject’s credit. And if you’re not studying and you’re just on the hunt for a project that combines travel and writing, this is the ultimate opportunity to get some real-world industry experience.

What you get:

  • Daily travel-writing and blogging workshopswith a range of passionate young people who work in the media industry (writers and editors from Global Hobo, the ABC, VICE, Monster Children, Culture Trip and Slam). Think creative non-fiction, feature and editorial writing; pitching to editors; building a portfolio and working as a freelancer on the road in exchange for sweet, sweet cash.
  • A month of Spanish language classes
  • 28 nights’ shared accommodation in all manner of fabulous guesthouses across Spain (castles, manors, apartments, beach houses and hostels): five nights in Barcelona, two nights in the Pyrenees, five nights in San Sebastian, two nights in La Rioja, five nights in Madrid, two nights in Andalusia, five nights in Valencia, two nights in Tarragona, then back to Barcelona.
  • All return travel from Barcelona San Sebastian and Madrid and everywhere in between
  • Potential university credit
  • Note that flights are not included! Sorry, but we couldn’t possibly tee up deals with every airline and from every city in the world.


  • 2500EUR/$3999AUD per person to cover accommodation, writing workshops, language classes and transport.

Upcoming Program Dates:

  • June 24 – July 21, 2019
  • August 5 – September 1, 2019

Successful applicants will be intelligent, open-minded creatives looking for some real-world journalism experience and to get a taste of Spain beyond its tourist vortex. The ability to work well in a group is essential. Do note though that the course is just that: a course. You don’t need to already have a foot in the door of the media industry to apply, nor do you already need to be the best writer. All the skills you’ll need to start sculpting your words like a pro and getting published will be taught as part of the curriculum. In fact, many students often keep working for Global Hobo on a freelance basis once the course is over.


  • This looks kind of scammy — I’d like to read some reviews of the program from previous hobos!
    • Suss our Japan and Bali Testimonials Pages (these are our first ever Spain workshops, so have no reviews yet).
  • I want to know some more information about the program!
  • What do some of the previous guidebooks look like?
    • Check out some gold whipped up by our former spunky interns here.
  • What are your terms and conditions?

To Apply:

Give us your calling code too so we can text you if you get in!
It's just a number, but you've gotta be at least 18...
Town/City, Country
No pressure - total rookies are still welcome to apply.
This has no impact on your application -- we just wanna know so we can stream the language classes properly.

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