We asked some of our previous hobos to spill the beans on what they thought of the Japan program. And the verdict? They learned more than they did during their whole university degrees, met a bunch of like-minded friends they’ll keep for life, nailed their writing styles and are now confident pitching to publications large and small. Oh – and those who aren’t pursuing writing careers have found their life’s calling in karaoke.

“If you’re interested in writing, journalism or communications, I guarantee you’ll get something out of this internship. Before heading to Tokyo with Global Hobo, I’d already done one internship and had almost finished my degree. That said, while I was in Tokyo, I learned far more about actually making a career out of writing than I had throughout uni.

Everything I learned was really practical, relevant and came from a teacher that had a first-hand, current perspective on earning a living as a writer (#goals). They were genuinely keen to help me improve my writing and were always around if I needed advice or had questions.

The other interns were some of the most supportive people I’ve ever met, which made the whole experience so, so incredible. Thanks to them, my month in Tokyo was crazy, exciting and way more fun that I had imagined – and I learned heaps, of course!

If you’re still not convinced… How many other internships will involve drunken karaoke and delicious gyoza?

Amelia Edwards · Brisbane

“The Global Hobo Tokyo program was a great experience that I would definitely recommend to almost any writer at the beginning stages of their career. The staff were professional but not intimidating and Gemma did an amazing job of curating a group of participants who were very individual but simultaneously some of the most inclusive people I have ever met.

Coming from an editing background, the program allowed me to develop skills across writing styles in a supportive, collaborative and enjoyable environment. The group editing sessions are super valuable and expose you to a variety of methods for tackling conceptually difficult article topics.

The immersive style of the program also made it really easy to make friends and contacts in the industry.

Also, Tokyo is rad and you’ll have a blast bonding with everyone over shitty 2000’s songs at karaoke.”

Bonnie Stevens · Brisbane

“When I applied for the Global Hobo internship, I was three years into uni and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. My month in Japan re-motivated me, helped me to rediscover my passion for writing, and showed me that there are so many careers paths in journalism that they don’t teach you at uni.

Discovering the crazy, overwhelming Tokyo culture with such an inspiring, talented and diverse bunch of people was an amazing and eye-opening experience. One very important lesson I learned was that there is no better way to make friends than over hot okonomiyaki and a konbini bevvy.

I also learned valuable skills from all of the teachers, who are far more in touch with the modern media industry than many uni lecturers. Their main goal is to help you get published, and to start building your brand and portfolio. It’s a great opportunity to get a foot in the door of a highly competitive industry.

I left Tokyo with great memories, new friends, and valuable experience under my belt. All in all, I’d call that a pretty sweet deal.”

Stacey Whitlock · Brisbane

“Global Hobo’s Tokyo program is everything you could want out of an overseas internship, both professionally and personally.

The teaching staff were approachable wells of wisdom, so much so that you could get a dnm and pitching advice in one sitting. The teacher-student veil you get at uni is all but collapsed, which really creates a collaborative learning environment. Classes contained practical, useful skills by people that are actually out there in the industry making a name and living for themselves, so you know it’s legit.

I especially loved the immersive nature of the program. Between sleeping on tatami, taking rush hour trains and learning Japanese, the program really forces you to live like a local.

A city as huge and unique as Tokyo is a lot to take in, so it’s a good thing you’ll be with a group of diverse but equally like-minded people to lean on. It’s actually uncanny how well you will get to know and love a group of strangers when you live and work in their pockets for a month. I’m happy to report we still have group chats going strong. And having a network of talented writers to refer to isn’t too bad on the professional front either.

Plus you know, there’s the cheap 7/11 drinks, karaoke around every corner, and enough gyoza and ramen for 10 lifetimes.”

Kim Koelmeyer · Melbourne

Does a month in Tokyo eating sushi, wandering bustling city streets and partying in underground bars sound up your alley? Come do our writing workshops in Japan!

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