We asked a bunch of our previous hobos to tell us what they thought of the program. General consensus? Their heads were crammed with tonnes of useful stuff, they fell passionately in love with Bali, they made friendships that will last a lifetime, they gained confidence in their writing and pitching abilities and they had a ridiculously good time. Some of them even cried when it was time to leave. True story.


“Interning for Global Hobo is the opportunity of a lifetime. That is if you enjoy scooting around in the Bali sun, exploring hidden crevices of the world and waking up every morning with a group of like-minded travellers who will undoubtedly become your soul mates.

Each week is packed with useful writing workshops, covering a wide array of topics. From learning how companies like Global Hobo generate website traffic and revenue to intriguing lessons on creating a viral feature, this internship certainly left me with invaluable skills.

As I finish university and continue on to the professional world, I move forward with a clear understanding of how to create pieces and successfully pitch them to editors – a crucial skill for any aspiring writer.

What really puts this internship even further above the bar, however, is the attitude of the entire Global Hobo staff. Their passion and dedication for their writing is truly a lesson I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.”

Alex Kazerounian · California


“The Global Hobo program was so nice I could do it twice. Weekly classes and workshops were highly informative, teaching interns how to pitch ideas, construct angles, write diversely, create a publication and branch out to editors as freelance journalists. The Global Hobo tutors were experts at teaching us how to operate as writers in the real world, which universities often fail at.

Interns worked in teams and a unique creative force field was generated, allowing us to bounce ideas off each other, edit each other’s work and motivate creation. The small community of interns and tutors formed a little Utopia – everlasting friendships were built through travel and creativity. I’m eternally grateful for them.

I am now a freelance journalist jamming my articles into as many publications as I can get my hands on whilst continuing my studies in documentary making, digital design and creative writing. The Global Hobo internship is responsible for propelling my career.”

Ezekiel MacNevin · Sydney

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“Prior to going on the Global Hobo program, I thought I knew a thing or two about writing. With butterflies in my stomach I flew over to beautiful Canggu to meet a bunch of strangers that I was going to be living with for a month.

Over the four-week period I spent with Global Hobo, I learned things about my own writing as well as the writing industry in general that I fear I wouldn’t have learned without enduring numerous fuck-ups in the real world. Making friendships I know I will have for a life time, we created hangovers together night-in, night-out, and the classes always kept everyone engaged, filled with info and pointers you would be (and probably currently are) lost without.

After leaving the 27-odd people that I now consider my family I have noticed less of my emails get ignored, more ideas come to my head and I feel 10 times more comfortable, not only in my writing, but on a scooter as well.”

Jack Wills · Copacabana


“One of the best months of my life I can say I was actually ‘learning’ while on holiday. As much as it’s based around travel writing, it’s way more about learning how to network and present yourself as a freelancer – which is where most creative industries are headed.

These guys are current, they’re young and they know how the landscape is changing for young millennials in the working environment, so they can actually give practical advice for young 20-something idiots fresh out of college on how to get a job and make money while bumming from home (sorry Mum).

I definitely recommend getting on board with Global Hobo even if you don’t study journalism (I studied fashion). It’s relevant to every working environment; learning how to adapt and work within new personalities, manoeuvring and directing conversation and how to actually prioritise and be efficient with your day. We were in Bali so of course, all we wanted to do was drink and surf, but we had to write pitch stories at the same time…

Gabby Neal · Condobolin


“After four weeks with the Global Hobo gang I felt more confident about my writing and more positive about my future job prospects than I felt throughout most of my journalism degree. I realised that I have the capacity to direct my own work and writing and now, thanks to the teachings of Global Hobo, I have the skills and knowledge to as well. I’ve learnt how to pitch effectively, write in a variety of formats, collaborate with others and even kickstart a blog or website.

Being able to meet, live and work with a worldly bunch of writers left me in awe of their creativity and forced me to work harder and challenge what I thought I knew about journalism, travel and myself.

I’m currently in the midst of trying my hand at more freelance writing, with much of my work ending back up on the Global Hobo page.

Do not hesitate to spend a month on the Global Hobo internship. Never has there been a more perfect balance of experiential learning, down-to-earth teaching, Bintangs and bike rides in the history of journalism and probably the world.”

Amy Fairall · Wollongong


“My mum originally thought this was a scam, as it sounded too good to be true – it definitely wasn’t a scam, but certainly felt too good to be true when I was living in paradise.

I don’t throw around the phrase ‘best time of my life’ often, but this was honestly just that. Every day I was surrounded by like-minded people in a beautiful country, learning more valuable and worthwhile information than I ever did at uni.

It is hard to put into words how amazing it felt to be in such a supportive environment that pushed my writing to the next level, and now that I’ve been published, I feel like I’m on the right path towards my career.

The instructors are also some of the most intelligent, well-rounded and funny people you will ever meet, and not too bad looking either (I promise you I wasn’t forced to say that last part).”

Billie Schwab Dunn · Sydney

“Bali wasn’t what I expected. I came here back in 2015 on holiday. I did touristy things and I stayed in touristy places. This was different. This time, I was here to live. And learn. And for four weeks, I got to live my dream.

Ben Lawrence · Sydney

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