Canggu Guidebooks

The Creative’s Guide to Canggu 
December 2018

This is a guide for the explorer who can appreciate the obvious splendours but isn’t afraid to take a wrong turn every now and then. We believe that creativity isn’t just something you practise when you write, paint or take a photo. It’s the process of opening yourself up to the new. It’s in your observations, your interactions, your insatiable curiosity. It’s a way of experiencing the world.

CANGGU: The Collective
January 2018

A budget-friendly guide to Canggu’s alternative scene. Available soon in hard copy.

A Counterculture Guide to Southern Bali
January 2018

This is not your typical ‘go to Kuta for great markets!’ style of guidebook. This is an ode to, and your introduction to the counter-culture scenes of southern Bali. Expect to see the best of all that the skating, surfing, art, nightlife, and adventure scenes have to offer. This

Tinggal Canggu 
December 2016

Tinggal Canggu is a carefully constructed travel guide aimed towards those of you who are looking to voyage in style, without breaking the bank. This is a town where you can plant your travelling feet for a few days, a week, or indefinitely. We have a feeling that after reading our guide book, you’ll find yourself leaning towards the latter! From cover to cover, our guide is filled with juicy details on Canggu’s coolest Accommodations, Eateries, Nightlife, and Daytrips. We took to the stunning streets of Canggu and explored every nook and cranny, weeding out the good from the bad, so that you don’t have to. Each review has been carefully crafted by one of our spunky team members with the information we know you’re looking for.

GU.RU - Your Guide to Canggu and Surrounds by GU

July 2016

A bunch of thrifty twenty-somethings bringing you an adventurer’s guide to the Balinese region of Canggu. We keep an open mind and our eco-footprint light.

A Scoot Through Canggu by ASTC Collective (eBook) — Lulu AU

A Scoot Through Canggu 
July 2016

Created by a bunch of twenty-something travel enthusiasts from around the world, this guidebook encourages a sense of intrepidness and a willingness to get out of your comfort zone.

Kamu Di Canggu 
January 2016

A guide to Bali’s über cool Canggu region for the avid traveller on a budget. Featuring a wheelchair accessibility guide and brought to you by a diverse group of passionate writers and adventurous travel junkies, Kamu di Canggu has something to treat everyone’s travel bug with.

A Loose Guide to Canggu 
December 2015

For all of you with the travel bug itching to get to Canggu, Bali, we’ve gone and created a guide book to make your trip that much easier! A group of confused but eager travel writers have fallen off their motorbikes, suffered through Bali belly and got lost just so you won’t have to.

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