Canggu Guidebooks

GU.RU – July 2016

GU.RU - Your Guide to Canggu and Surrounds by GU

A bunch of thrifty twenty-somethings bringing you an adventurer’s guide to the Balinese region of Canggu. We keep an open mind and our eco-footprint light.

A Scoot Through Canggu – July 2016

A Scoot Through Canggu by ASTC Collective (eBook) — Lulu AU

This guidebook aims to show the worthwhile, the overlooked, and the unique side of Canggu. Created by a bunch of twenty-something travel enthusiasts from around the world, this guidebook encourages a sense of intrepidness and a willingness to get out of your comfort zone.

Kamu Di Canggu – January 2016

Kamu di Canggu

A guide to Bali’s über cool Canggu region for the avid traveller on a budget. Featuring a wheelchair accessibility guide and brought to you by a diverse group of passionate writers and adventurous travel junkies, Kamu di Canggu has something to treat everyone’s travel bug with.

A Loose Guide to Canggu – November 2015

loose guide

For all of you with the travel bug itching to get to Canggu, Bali, we’ve gone and created a guide book to make your trip that much easier! A group of confused but eager travel writers have fallen off their motorbikes, suffered through Bali belly and got lost just so you won’t have to.

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