Freelance Writing: How to Pitch, Get Published and Get Paid

Pitching to an editor can be a daunting process when you’re starting out as a writer. The good news is, though, that you don’t even need to have studied journalism in order to work for yourself as a freelancer — you just need to be able to write and format your articles well, pitch to an editor, make invoices and manage and showcase your writing effectively.

Incorporating interactive written and video content, our three-part online course will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a freelance writer. We’ll share insider’s tips and contacts, give examples of our own pitches and portfolios, and will walk you through every process, from registering as a sole trader to instigating conversations about getting paid.

You’ll also get personal editing and feedback on a pitch email from Gemma Clarke, who as well as being the founding editor of Global Hobo, has nearly a decade of experience working as an editor, writer and radio host.



For a one-off payment of $59AUD, you’ll get lifetime access to the following three lessons:

Pitching to an Editor

Get an introduction into what pitching entails, find out how to word a pitch email (with multiple examples of actual pitches we’ve sent), learn where to find editors’ contact details and have a crack at writing your own pitch, which will be read and edited by us, then sent back to you within two working days.

Building a Writer’s Portfolio

Discover how to showcase your published work, see what to include in a writer’s portfolio, access a comparison between different platforms and have a squiz at examples of Global Hobo staff portfolios.

Invoicing and Getting Paid

We talk you through when and how to have that awkward conversation with an editor about being paid, explain how to get set up as a sole trader in Australia, teach you how to write an invoice and discuss the ethics of working for free and how much it’s possible to make.

Who We Are

Hi! We’re Gemma and Nat, and we’ve been stumbling our way through the media industry together for most of the last decade. In addition to running Global Hobo, we’ve got a fair bit of experience under our belts editing and writing for a range of broadcasters and publications, from national newspapers to grungy street magazines.

We’re stoked that you’re keen to get started as a freelance writer, and are very excited to share what we’ve learned and read the no-doubt amazing work you’re going to produce!

Our Story

In 2015, after continually being asked by hopeful writers how to get started as a travel writer or a freelance journalist, we started running freelance writing programs in Indonesia. We designed a course that covered what we deemed the essentials: feature writing, editorial writing, creative non-fiction writing, working against the colonial legacy, how to pitch, how to start a publication and how to navigate the business side of freelancing.

With the goal of making writing more accessible, we asked writers who were relatively established but still in the process of figuring it out to help us teach and facilitate the courses. Fast-forward to the present day, and we have workshops running in Canggu, Tokyo, Barcelona, Byron Bay, Stradbroke Island and Cairns. In addition to learning about writing and pitching, students study the language of the place they’re residing in and learn about sustainable travel practices, ethical reporting and the importance of having more than one narrative about a place. Many universities across the globe have accredited the workshops as going towards journalism or communications degrees, and with the profits, we are able to pay our writers, self-fund the publication (which allows us to remain strictly independent) and fund independent humanitarian journalism projects.

Hobos in Tokyo learning Japanese.

Journalists Jed Smith, Shaun Fisher and Gemma Clarke teaching a class in Bali.

Hailing from Australia to Nepal to the Netherlands, our teachers have edited publications like the triple j Annual, Grassfires, Tone Deaf and Monster Children, written for The Guardian, the ABC and VICE, and produced national and regional radio shows. All of us now work for ourselves and as freelancers, which has gifted us with a considerable degree of freedom. This means we’re on the road for a lot of the year, travelling and writing as we go.

In light of COVID-19 and the need to stay home, we’ve finally bitten the bullet and moved the most popular component of our course online — Freelance Writing: How to Pitch, Get Published and Get Paid.


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  • I want to know some more information about your overseas programs!
    • They’re currently on hold until we’re allowed to leave the country, but in the meantime, you can give our Program FAQ a read.