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  1. Kezza
    Kezza at ·

    Great article but still didn’t make me want to go to India

  2. Pornhauser
    Pornhauser at ·

    kristen you’ve bloody out done yourself. I think you can hear me laughing from New York.

  3. Raclette corrector
    Raclette corrector at ·

    Raclette is actually a traditional Swiss dish, perhaps you were in a Swiss restaurant based off the fondue also.

  4. Nick
    Nick at ·

    I hope your boyfriend didn’t really return Big Buck Hunter.

  5. Gem
    Gem at ·

    Haha yup – swapped it for Harry Potter.

  6. c
    c at ·

    Brunei airport is THE WORST

  7. Shaun
    Shaun at ·

    awesome rant man…’some rad bitch that understands and respects the term “fuck friends”. Laughed at this, then told my female housemates.. they didn’t laugh

  8. sloppy joe
    sloppy joe at ·

    Sloppy Joe’s is located at 3527 Lake Shore Blvd W., on the 501 Queen Streetcar line, and is in between Kipling and Brown’s Line.They have Wing Nights on Tuesday and Thursday, when their wings are 65 cents each. On Wing Nights expect big crowds!

  9. Cleo
    Cleo at ·

    Haha. I looked after Marco jnr on my gap year when he was a 13 year old in the boarding house. Creepy.

  10. Krissie
    Krissie at ·

    This is brilliant!!!

  11. Cleo
    Cleo at ·

    Well me and another girl did get in to a bit of trouble once for giving him our phone numbers after he said he was buy us ipods. Massive fail. But that’s about it haha.

  12. Shaun
    Shaun at ·

    this is heavy

  13. Geoff Standen
    Geoff Standen at ·

    Dude! Grouse!

  14. Jeremy Phillips-Yelland
    Jeremy Phillips-Yelland at ·

    Filly Kelso!

  15. Grace Burns
    Grace Burns at ·

    This is great!!!

  16. Anthony
    Anthony at ·

    “Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me”

    Though I would suggest the teacher-student fantasy is far from just a male thing.

  17. Matt Hood
    Matt Hood at ·

    Oh Scout. You make my 25min toilet breaks at work an absolute pleasure

  18. Annie Price
    Annie Price at ·

    Woah man, the Madrid story is public!!

  19. Rosie
    Rosie at ·

    So true was looking for a guide for ages before going this year! Mint photos btw.

  20. Chase
    Chase at ·

    Can you take me on your next adventure?


  21. Eliot Hastie
    Eliot Hastie at ·

    Here I was thinking it was forever a secret. Well done mate haha just as funny 2nd time round

  22. Daryl
    Daryl at ·

    Haha, good article!

  23. Leeeroy
    Leeeroy at ·

    There is nothing attractive about salty skin, mask lines, snot hanging, tangled hair and wetsuit pee smell… just saying…

  24. jozef.stalen
    jozef.stalen at ·

    no comment

  25. diver1
    diver1 at ·

    Not responsible writing at all – people shouldnt be encouraged to hold breath to kiss unexperienced…underwater you have to continually breathe, else you can get an embolism/

  26. Bambi
    Bambi at ·

    Disappointed it doesn’t mention anything about how to pick up your FEMALE dive instructor… just sayin’ because I am one!!

  27. Genevieve
    Genevieve at ·

    Hi, I’m travelling to Thailand in January/February and I just had a few questions:
    1. What tour group/agency did you pick
    2. Did you book before you left or did you just sign up for one when you got there
    3. How much was the tour
    4. How long did it go for
    Thanks 🙂

  28. Grace Burns
    Grace Burns at ·

    Howdy Genevieve,

    I stayed at A Little Bird Hostel in Chiang Mai and they offered the cheapest tours however there are many on offer on pretty much every corner. Thailand is usually super easy to sign up for everything while your there, when it suits you. I think the over night stay including trek guide, elephant riding, dinner, accommodation in the hill tribe and white water rafting was around $50. Which is well worth it! You can do a day or three days, which ever you would like!

    I recommend not going hungover however.
    Enjoy your time in Thailand it’s a beautiful country!

  29. Benedict Lane
    Benedict Lane at ·

    Absolutely love this post – got back from my exchange in Sweden about a year ago. Looking from your post, definitely had a similar experience.
    Point #4 & #5 in Con’s is great! haha

    Exchange is definitely the best experience: Awesome Post!

  30. CaptKC
    CaptKC at ·

    Def need an article on how to pick up your female instructor! I am a female instructor who ended up marrying one of my (male) students. He became an instructor and now we are traveling the world together. True, we don’t make much money, but we’re happy!

  31. Juanita
    Juanita at ·
  32. Marcus
    Marcus at ·

    Absolutely brilliant article! Can’t wait for the second part!

  33. Marcus
    Marcus at ·

    This was one heck of a ride – metaphorically as well as literally. I want to hear more. Much more!

  34. Michele
    Michele at ·

    J’taime Madeleine – I am so proud to know you – your writing is extraordinary and eloquent…I remember your phone call from France on the evening of this tragic death and am humbled by your empathetic discourse. I look forward to saying to so many that “this was written by my niece” and that her love of the English language and its expression remains a measure of human expression.

  35. Starr
    Starr at ·

    Dont buy animals from these vendors it encourages them and they go out and steal more from the nests or kill Mama monkeys to eat and sell their babies. It is regulated and against the law but not enforced.
    I understand your reasoning but after 6 or is it 7 years down here ive learned. No! Give no $ if they gift it to you to rescue ok, but even that is against the law, but maybe…. there are a couple rescue centers who feed and care for…but they are getting full and giving $ to these people for their robbing of mother creatures does not work!
    Many of the lodges here capture animals for tourists to pet or plant monkeys close to lodge, if they jump on you they are pets. Wild monkeys will run away. Respect nature…it is the creature home…we are visitors! Abundancia Ecolodge has a true Eco practice…chek us out.

  36. Starr
    Starr at ·

    Scuse me…I mispoke only a FEW lodges down here do the capture or rescued animal thing..which is still better than the animals life tied to a table…but, dont pass them off as wild animals…say they are pets. The creatures are becoming fewer, due to hunting, logging and capture. We all must be careful to look generations forward for the practices we put in place today!

  37. Anthony
    Anthony at ·

    Sounds like an awesome trip!

  38. Bernie
    Bernie at ·

    No kidding were the how to pick up female instructor

  39. Mosley
    Mosley at ·

    Slept in Bali airport, seating was so bad I slept outside, big mistake after a month of not getting bitten by insects for a whole month I spent an 18 hour flight in itchy agony.

  40. Gino
    Gino at ·

    Spot on

  41. Sam
    Sam at ·

    This guy felt in love with a hobo and he is heart broken.

  42. Justin
    Justin at ·

    Hello i am interested in attending an ayahuasca retreat but am overwhelmed by the prices(some costing over $2000). I would be willing to pay the high prices if it is necessary in order to get an authentic and rewarding experience. If you don’t mind me asking… what intentions did you have in taking ayahuasca and in what ways was it rewarding to you?

  43. Henry
    Henry at ·

    This is a load of garbage. You’re degrading the already low status of blog writers by pretending to be one. Obvious typos aside, your writing stinks. You hide your complete lack of talent behind a thin veil of shock value. Your ‘article’ equates to this sentence written all in caps. HEY GUYS LOL I’M A CHEEKY GURL WHO WENT ALL THE WAY TO EUROPE WHEN I WAS ONLY 18 AND I BONED LIKE EVERY DUDE I MET AND I DEFS GOT SOME STREET SMARTS. LOL LOOK AT ME USE YOUNG PEEPS WORDS LIKE BONED AND PEEPS.

    Ugh. Just close this shitty pointless website down.

  44. Henry
    Henry at ·

    good, some more garbage. no advice on how to get the job mentioned or even specifically where this is. Just crazy white-girl shenannigans complete with degrading acts and the pride of an STD. nice.

  45. Wut?
    Wut? at ·

    Pfft stop reading it then you miserable sod!

  46. Nic WHite
    Nic WHite at ·

    Hi Justin,

    No stress at all! Having a clear intention of why you’re wanting to take ayahuasca is super important for the sake of your journey (it’s definitely not something you do as just a fun trip). At Etnikas we actually went through a one on one session with the staff there to determine what it is we were each focusing on, as well as possible life events that may arise within the trip.

    I am prone to a bit of anxiety and was unsure of what it is I’m wanting to do long term career wise so was hopeful for some direction.

    In regards to the anxiety, it was definitely helpful. The whole experience for me was almost a game of recognizing my issues within these hugely over dramatized (yet very real) demons and learning to control them. In a sense, overcoming such horrible visions within the trip showed how easy it was to control my own anxiety within the “real world” by making it all seem really small and irrelevant.

    I also had some glimpses of my future which was strange but gave me a sense of comfort in the track that I am on, however in a broader sense it really made you feel as though, regardless of choices, everything would work itself out.

    Once I was past the really difficult stages and had successfully overcome the dark side of the medicine it was purely a blissful, elated sort of feeling, which in itself was really rewarding.

    It’s definitely not your cheapest experience whilst traveling however worth it if it is something you are wanting to do and as you said for the sake of authenticity it’s worthwhile paying slightly higher.

    How long are you looking to attend a retreat for? If you are a little worried about price but still wanting the experience than I’d definitely check out the retreat through Etnikas. I really enjoyed my experience there. You can have two nights with two ceremonies for $350 so it’s not completely going to break your bank but it’s still a really good introduction to the medicine and you can always go from there.

    Hope this helps!

  47. Justin
    Justin at ·

    Thank you very much, Nic! That was very helpful. I was thinking about doing the two week retreat through Ayahuasca Foundation. It is a bit pricey but looks like a great retreat to go on. After reading about your experience I am going to look into Etnikas more. I am mainly going on a retreat for anxiety so your experience was very insightful. I will most definitely consider Etnikas as a possibility. It sounds like a rewarding experience for a reasonable price. Again, thank you very much for your response!!

  48. Nic White
    Nic White at ·

    No stress at all, glad I could help! Let me know what you end up doing and how your experience is!

  49. Stoke Morocco
    Stoke Morocco at ·

    Solid advice. Come get barrelled and biftered with Stoke Morocco. Book at with the spesh promo code SHARKWEEK for a free ‘Fuck Calm, Get Stoked’ shirt.

    Love love love Paradise Valley. This is us, there


  50. Alice
    Alice at ·


    You nailed this “don’t be an asshole rule”! I would go as far as call it a principle. Dirtbags may be going without cash (and they certainly leave home without the American Express” cause they ain’t got one) but we should never go anywhere leaving principles at the airport gate.

    As far as the “bartering” you mix it with “haggling”. That’s not the same shit as bartering involves payment in kind and haggling result in a cash transaction.

    My advice if you really want to get that souvenir is to use the following magic phrase – “I’ll come back tomorrow”.

    Works a treat especially if repeated ad nauseam while slowly moving away from the stall and throwing glances at the other stalls as you walk.

    You will be pursued until you accept a counteroffer at which point the stall owner will, in turn, swear at you and or cry.

    It has happened to me in Beijing. The “you-don’t-look-very Chinese” opening bid off 200 Mao-faces dropped by an order of magnitude after mere 20 paces.

    I had been ripped off but I had fun while at it!
    Now, WTF do I need a Chinese calligraphy set for?

  51. layaboutlawyer
    layaboutlawyer at ·

    You should also review Wild Rover in La Paz – the TV Room there is awesome.

  52. Alice de Tooboraque
    Alice de Tooboraque at ·

    Henry, Henry, Henry… There’s always one…
    Get yourself pissed friend, may help.

    Alice – I loved your piece and it is not just because I’m Alice as well!

    And to answer your question TV was invented just before the Great Depression. In time for Shirley Temple (who died on the your story here was published – hope Henry does not blame you!)

  53. El
    El at ·

    Hi Gemma,
    This is what I was trying to tell you all when you were in my Japanese class a million years ago. You are all the same! I could see such awesome potential friendships amongst the variety of kids in the class. I love reding your stuff. Would love to share with current classes except for the odd c word here and there 😉
    Mrs P

  54. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    That’s spot on, but it does raise the question (pertinent to this forum): how does a dumpster diver reconcile the life of the animal they’re eating, with the half-chewed kebab they found?

  55. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    I killed a pig once, in provincial France. By killed I mean I held it’s rear left leg while two men held a front leg each, and another man stabbed it in the neck. The rear right leg was held by an eight-year-old boy, who was being “blooded”, as was I.

    I thought that there’d be some dignity in death, that the pig would resign to its fate and fade back into the Universe’s pool of free-flowing energies, as if it would invoke some inherited knowledge of life and death and accept that its time had come.

    But no. It screamed and it squealed and it kicked, until the screams and squeals were bubbling through blood, and the kicks were nothing more than spasms. There was no dignity in death, and the pig fought until the last to preserve its life. I was visibly squeamish, and the French farm folk thought that was hilarious.

    Later that morning, after the pig was shaved and gutted, we retreated to the farm house for a meal and some wine, as is tradition. The meal we were served was tripe, pig’s stomach to be precise, and my plate was heaped. When I complained in private to my friend that, given how I was taking the experience, I wouldn’t be able to eat any tripe, let alone a heaped plate full, he informed me that to leave any food on my plate would be a great disrespect to my hosts.

    Thus, I shovelled it in with bread and wine, at a ratio of about one teaspoon of tripe to half a baguette and three-quarters a carafe. When I finished my hosts informed me that they’d been pulling my leg, and didn’t give a flying frog’s leg if I ate my tripe or not, they just wanted to make the Australian squirm – we’d beaten them in the rugby the night before, and this was the rugby-mad South West.

    Moral of the story? Animals aren’t just throwing themselves at our shish kebabs, so be thankful, and while the French are cunts, they are funny cunts.

  56. jake
    jake at ·

    Great as always gravo. Couldnt agree more. Just a lil issue with the reference to the dairy industry. In australia dairy farms (and beef stations) are pretty much all run on grazed properties.

  57. Nat
    Nat at ·

    I reckon the whole live cattle export issue is thinly veiled nationalism. Most critics didn’t give a fuck about the mistreatment and murder of animals, not enough to stop eating meat anyway. It was just because they were Aussie cows.

  58. cr
    cr at ·

    Written by a scuba instructor no doubt…

  59. jo
    jo at ·

    Well said Nat. David followed me through India via letters left at the post office giving him instructions of where to find me or which post office i would leave letters at next. Finding a letter at a remote post office in some faraway, dangerous and usually amazing place was like winning the lottery!

    I watch people on there phones etc and wonder when they do actually experience life and take the risks and rewards that sitting in your own shit brings. A new way of not only avoiding life but yourself and one that is creeping into, dare I say it the older generation – my generation! Holy moly!!

    Well written young Nat, beautiful style and insight.

    Jo x

  60. Nat
    Nat at ·

    Thanks Jo. Yes, sitting in your own shit = personal development, resilience and eventually empowerment.

  61. Alyson
    Alyson at ·

    I married my instructor. It was the dimples at the top of his buttocks that I could see after half removal of wetsuit during in between dives breaks… who cares about the wages, the life is wonderful. I became a DM after being ‘under him’… excellent and amusing article

  62. gersh
    gersh at ·


  63. Ivan
    Ivan at ·


    Do you have a contacto for this hostel??
    telefone or mail?



  64. Geoff Standen
    Geoff Standen at ·

    dude! right-on!

  65. shaun
    shaun at ·

    heck yeah

  66. The Flying Chameleon
    The Flying Chameleon at ·

    “keep your international interactions like a Shetland pony”


  67. T_bones
    T_bones at ·

    hahahaha….YESSSSSS!…postcode rule?

  68. Amanda Harradence
    Amanda Harradence at ·


  69. Jessica
    Jessica at ·

    Thank you so much for writing this utterly charming piece, exactly what I needed after a miserable day. I look forward to reading many more of your works in the future.

  70. melissa
    melissa at ·

    aaah snow parties are really something else, where abouts did you do your season? I’m planning a Canada season for next season, way too many mountains to choose from!

  71. Grace
    Grace at ·

    Hey Melissa!
    Yeah they are pretty epic!
    I did my season in Whistler, BC. Which was amazing, heaps of bars and clubs, cute village and rad slopes but loads of Aussies.
    Big White, Banff and some others are meant to be great too but quite a lot smaller so whatever floats your boat.
    Highly recommend it though 🙂

  72. Grace
    Grace at ·


  73. Sam
    Sam at ·

    This is too true. People are always asking/telling me about these certain dangers and with a bit of rational thought it’s easy to explain that there simply aren’t people in this world who are out there to hurt you for the fun of it.

    Of course use common sense, but don’t think that someone has poisoned your water or lead you down a dark alley for no other reason than their personal entertainment.

  74. Gael
    Gael at ·

    So glad you are safe Marnie. Enjoy your adventures and travels. love and cheers, cousin Gael

  75. Sarah Lievore
    Sarah Lievore at ·

    This is so great!

  76. Grace
    Grace at ·

    just to let this illiterate human know that bowl is not spelt with an e.
    Good try though.

  77. Olivia
    Olivia at ·

    Hi fellow comment leaver,
    Just to let this pathetic human know that maybe she meant bowel. Maybe she was eating chocolate from a complimentary bowel, didja ever think about that?
    Good try though.

  78. Grace
    Grace at ·

    Love this!

  79. Sirius
    Sirius at ·

    Stealing from Jesus! You can’t be sirius

  80. Jess Frogley
    Jess Frogley at ·

    Nailed it.

  81. Lynne M. Clos
    Lynne M. Clos at ·

    A busted fan belt on a rented truck kept a friend & me from camping on the salar 20 years ago to see the total solar eclipse (Nov 1994). It’s great to see some photos! I love your site & the thing that impresses me the most is that you are LADIES!! I have visited 5 continents (including yours) always either on my own or with another lady & it is so refreshing to see others with the spirit to do the same! Go hobos!

  82. Lynne M. Clos
    Lynne M. Clos at ·

    Right on! I have visited all 50 U.S. states & 5 continents, most of the time alone, and have had the time of my life. No one to argue with about destinations, go wherever & do whatever I want, it[s a blast.

  83. Taz
    Taz at ·

    Was this Govett’s to to Perry’s Lookdown? We started at Perry’s doing the reverse, planning to spend the night at Acacia flats (think this is the same campsite) and finish at Govetts Leap the next day.

    Turned up at Perrys Lookdown where there was a secret punk rave- immediately got drunk and stayed the night here, painstakingly did the whole 9 hour route to Govetts leap the next day. Drinking water from streams (you’re not supposed to?!) and running into funnel webs the whole way. Best and worst experience of my life…

  84. Dave
    Dave at ·

    You definitely nailed the benefits of solo travel here!

    There are few things you can do that offer up personal introspection and growth like dealing with life on the road as a solo traveler. There are many situations where you will find your verbal interactions at an all time low so it forces you to learn to deal with being alone and, eventually, be ok with yourself.

    I think it’s a huge skill to have and learn and it’s one of the reasons why I’d recommend longer term solo travel to anyone!

  85. Nick L
    Nick L at ·

    In regards to your proposed airline…


  86. Grace
    Grace at ·

    haha so great!

  87. liza
    liza at ·

    Wow! Can I hv Michael’s contact if u dun mind pls?

  88. jas
    jas at ·

    HI, i would be going to bali in a few weeks time. do u still remember which resort did your friend went?

  89. Scotty p
    Scotty p at ·

    You fucking crack me up dunny. You were rattled for a week after that. It took a few bottles of crown royal at 4am to get you to forget. To the God Damon abyss and back!

  90. milo
    milo at ·

    Stealing from a charity is pretty low.

  91. Gen
    Gen at ·

    Ha, this is hilarious! I will forever be suspicious of yoghurt while travelling.

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    am going to return yet again since I saved as a favorite it.

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  93. Felicia
    Felicia at ·

    Can I have michael’s contact? Thanks

  94. Anon
    Anon at ·

    slut much?

  95. Anon
    Anon at ·

    cheaters and sluts are boring 🙂

  96. Steph
    Steph at ·

    Favourite line – “I could eat an entire thesaurus and still not be able to shit out enough words to explain this place”.

  97. Godfrey
    Godfrey at ·

    Well described the behaviours of people around worldcup time doesn’t make sense, that’s why it is so great and unexplainable, especially to aliens and non soccer watchers.

  98. Elein
    Elein at ·

    Hi,Can I have both the resort and Michael’s contact please? Thank you.

  99. Aud
    Aud at ·

    Can I have the contact for Michael please. Thanks in advance.

  100. Grace
    Grace at ·

    I love you

  101. Kaia
    Kaia at ·

    Fantastic recount

  102. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    Madame, as everything currently stands this is your opus. Bravo. More pls, tnx.

  103. Hewce
    Hewce at ·

    Loving the bitter steamin brother.

  104. Nat
    Nat at ·

    Thanks Hewce. Skatopia forever.

  105. jo
    jo at ·

    great Nat, love to read what you put up here.

  106. Nat
    Nat at ·

    “the United States will continue allowing them to do so” –by funding them.

  107. Quinten
    Quinten at ·

    They’ve always billed themselves as the “honest broker” between the two at every fresh round of peace talks – but all those bombs have “Made in USA” engraved on them somewhere.

  108. k banger
    k banger at ·

    When living the dream wakes up the unicorn in the room.

  109. Godfrey
    Godfrey at ·

    Well put, your article highlights the difficulty in finding peace in the middle east. Also remember that Iran is funding the Palestinians so they do the dirty work in pestering the Israeli’s, clouding the future for peace. It is also true that piece is never found in the past, but can only be found in the future. How can anyone be a parent and not want to make compromises fir a better future for their children.

  110. marco
    marco at ·

    wowwwww god your fuckin low writing this

  111. Mike
    Mike at ·

    HI Can you please provide me with the contact details.

  112. new
    new at ·

    This article is intersted and I must to follow it. I Love Arsenal

  113. L T
    L T at ·

    Pretty gross article, and one that any chubby bald sixty year old dude who’s been to Thailand could write. And culture clash? Did you talk to any of these girls and hear their story? Good luck with the book sales creep

  114. Grace
    Grace at ·

    Haha, I agree. If it’s petty change for you, don’t be an asshole.

    I came across the feigning interest tactic without realising. I didn’t want a (admittedly exceptionally beautiful and intricate) Nepali quilt set, just wanted a look-see. They asked $100AUD, I tried to leave. Not because it wasn’t gorgeous, but because it was genuinely too damn heavy for my already-stuffed backpack.

    I don’t even know what happened. Next minute, I had bought the set for $30, and had to wear three layers of clothes on the plane home to offset the weight!

  115. Grace Cadden
    Grace Cadden at ·

    I tried to go to Songpan at the beginning of this year, but was told it was a closed town during winter. Very jealous of this!

  116. Jess
    Jess at ·

    Based on your pictures and review, you went to the wrong beach. 🙁 There are a number of coves along the beach, and you probably went to the main/busier one that’s easier to get to (but far less desirable & pretty). If you were to go south a bit along the coast and hike down, you’d find the beach that looks like your “photoshopped” pic above. It’s covered in glass, amazing, and not many people were there when I went. Hope you find it next time!

  117. shaun
    shaun at ·

    Fuck Yeah!

  118. Rory Pearson
    Rory Pearson at ·

    Great read Nat. Took me back to Asia for 5 minutes

  119. Ally
    Ally at ·

    You do realise that you just supported the thai sex industry by going to the show, right? Underprivileged (and often underaged) girls being forced to dance for creepy dudes and drunk tourists, how entertaining…

  120. 'Asian'
    'Asian' at ·

    You’re going to lump ‘Asian’ countries together, really? This is ignorant.

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  122. QLD Police
    QLD Police at ·

    Dear Scout,

    We have reviewed your appeal and determined that it must be paid in full unless you can prove with photo evidence that you were crying behind the wheel. We also insist that you publish a photo of you crying on this website.

    Queensland Police.

  123. Ineka Morosini
    Ineka Morosini at ·

    This seriously hit the spot with me. Your style of writing cut straight to the core, no bullshit. I loved this so much since I’ve just travelled through South East Asia, Nepal, and soon India. I can’t stress enough how on point you are.
    Thank you! haha This seriously made my day!
    I love your articles! x

  124. business coach
    business coach at ·

    This design is wicked! You mlst certainlyy know how to kkeep a reader entertained.

    Between your wit and your videos, I was almostt moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job.

    I reall enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

  125. Phil
    Phil at ·

    Let me guess, you’re a stuck up mole that if you ever take time away from your job you never do anything remotely fun.
    I work in the mining industry and like a lot of others like me, I spent 4 years studying to get where I am in life. Couple that with the long hours of work and living in remote rural towns I think I deserve to have an overseas holiday every now and then.
    Now I know there would be some people , who like you say, give Aussies a bad name, but the vast majority of people I’ve met traveling don’t.
    This is just your view of people and was probably forged when you spent so long trying to impress blokes like this but you were too boring and ugly for them to take notice so you decided to write this piece of shit article to express your anger.
    Get a life and try to enjoy yourself on holidays for once.

  126. John
    John at ·

    I’m totally in agreement with Phil. Yeah there are some absolute knobs who travel around, but to stereotype like that makes you just as narrow minded as they are. I’m a medical radiations graduate but just because I have a degree that doesn’t mean I have to stick my nose up at anyone who “plays sport”, “works in mining”, or goes on a trip with some friends.
    But my main issue with this is I bet that aside from sitting behind your computer labelling people, you do absolutely fuck all to change this perception of Australians. Perhaps you should get off your pedestal and try doing that.

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    Cheers guys! Big ups from Trinidad, California!

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    Honestly, most Australians on holiday should shut the fuck up. Lad groups, girls in pairs, families, all of them. Australians are so uncultured, especially compared to Europeans and Asians. Laos has signs specifically for Aussie tourists to tell them not to be loud when drinking at night because it’s been a problem for so long lol

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  150. Elizabeth Hepburn
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    I wrote a post very similar to this back in April.

    I agree completely that travel (as opposed to a holiday) is about making choices and sacrifices, and setting the right priorities. Nobody living in the western world has any reason why they can’t do the same thing.

  151. ShazamD
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    Gee, you sound like a course director ! This is called 2nd degree humor. If you took those guidelines seriously, I suggest you keep reading PADI Manuals… Besides, whoever is a certified diver should already have a little clue about what holding breath can potentially do. Having kissed a fair few times underwater for fun I know it only takes a second at the most.

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    Love this! More on hitch hiking please.

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    please write “an entire piece on McDonald’s around the world”!!

  154. Ellie Quinn
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    This is sooo true and so beautifully written.
    Maybe we should share the tears some more but I have a feeling our friends at home on Facebook would like that even less because then we’d be complaining about travelling while they’re at work lol

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    I absolutely love this article. Something I always struggle with while traveling. Thank you

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    Too good! I had a similar dilemma catching the train from Haarlem to Amsterdam last week – looking confused and lost usually helps me! ha ha.

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    You read this article to me in Mali Mrak in Zagreb before leaving me my note! i remember laughing pretty hard at it and agreeing then, but it’s a cracking read now!!!!

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    Hey, I’m taking june 2015 to june 2016 off uni and planning on just working and surfing all around the world. I have my level one in surf coaching and I also study teaching. Do you think you could give me the details of the camp you worked at? I would love to chat to you about you’re experience! 🙂

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    I also suspect you went to the wrong spot. I’ve been to the beach in the X-out photo and although the colors may have been pumped up, it really does have colored glass and not sand. Perhaps you were there after a storm? Even then I can’t imagine Glass Beach being as barren as your photos show.

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    This is really beautiful

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    i dont know, but its good to talk about it

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    I had a similar experience with Daniel. You can contact him at 81824137

  172. Kate
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    As a well intentioned and relatively privileged middle class white woman, I can see the appeal in ‘giving back’ to the community by visiting one of these orphanages. They’re marketed to the West as a good deed and like most other marketing, we lap it up and then pat ourselves on the back for being so selfless. I think this highlights the fact that though we may be afforded the privilege of an education, we are often uneducated about the things we support or do in life. Having said that, I do believe the intention to help an orphaned child better their situation is categorically more desirable than being a narcissistic Gen-Y Instagram junkie. We just need to find a way to turn good-intentions into truly good deeds.

  173. Madi
    Madi at ·

    Completely agree! I’ve read quite a few books about Kerobokan Prison and the guards put murderers in charge of inmates, they are put on a pedestal and considered ‘leaders’.

    Not saying I’m an expert, this information could be exaggerated (who knows), but the research says the guards are separate to the police (and paid much less), so they are heavily bribed by rich inmates who can basically come and go/do as they please. Snowing in Bali explains how they even make drugs in hidden rooms, and continue to run drug smuggling rings from the inside if they have enough money to pay guards off (who don’t really care for the law, but are more concerned with feeding their family).

    To be honest, we’re probably doing the wrong thing by bringing so much media attention to it (like the Schapelle Corby case). They would have had a better chance of paying the government off had the situation been handled out of the public eye.

    I wonder if the same 52% who agreed they should get the death penalty would feel the same if they were thrown into Kerobokan when found with their recreational drug of choice in Australia on the weekend (because there are many tourists in the prison right now facing charges for just one pill while trying to have a good time at the Bounty).

    I’m sure the majority of people in Bali ARE fabulous and kind-hearted but alot are also desperate.

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    Nice postings.

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    I am a traveling Texan, that hopes to travel as well as writing a guide on how to survive in the world as a solo traveler. So after finding out about your site I felt that it was a perfect fit.

    I plan on traveling throughout Europe for 2 years after I apply for the German Self Employment Visa in May.

    I am currently living in Barcelona.

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    this is just so incredibly legit (judging from my experience on Ghanaian Tro-Tros). Always an entertaining way to travel 😛

  180. Seb
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    Man I did the exact same thing! Made my brother and his girlfriend take me there during a short stint in San-Fran. I think by the time you finish the drive up, you just want to see it and leave. There’re no indication that there’s better stuff further down. Wish I’d ventured on, but we just left, defeated by Fort Bragg.

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    I’ve been on the fence about moving down to Melbourne from the cesspit of mediocrity that is the Gold Coast for around 6 months. In the amount of time it took me to read this article, I’ve realised that any question as to whether or not I should is fucking stupid.

    I am getting the fuck out of surfers paradise (the asshole of Australia), and in reality, the entire southern hemisphere, next week.

    Cheers Global Hobo, and of course Gemma Clarke.

  183. lucy
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    spot on gem, your a bloody legend. and a crackin writer might i add

  184. Godfrey Dol
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    Ride on boys and keep us all “posted”

  185. Rebecca Nash
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    I have been to Bali three times, and whilst my first time was a week entirely overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of Kuta, the snippets of Balinese culture intrigued me enough to return again and again.

    I will never forget my adventure through the middle of Bali up to the North beaches. My boyfriend and I, on one scooter, with two backpacks, donning ponchos through the infamous terrential rainfall at the top rim of the old volcano, popping a tyre just as we drive down the mountain from a suspiciously placed nail 100m from the one tyre mechanic on the island. 50$ later we were back on the road with a brand new tyre and made it to the black volcano sand beaches of the north and the midgit dolphins.

    Bali is fabulous.

  186. Jake
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  187. Dun Bar
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    The age old question of authenticity. What makes something “real”? Everything is real, even the Gold Coast. Fuck the Gold Coast sucks though.

  188. polofry
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    I grew up in Sydney and I went to Nepal last year…

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  192. shaun
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    and be a vegetarian

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    “I am perfect just the way I am”. And then you judge someone unconsciously about their looks – good, bad, or otherwise.

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  205. Grace
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  210. Johan
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    You are a retarded racist.

    We don’t want them to die because they aren’t white. But because they aren’t moral.

    Glad your mercy plea did nothing.

  211. Nathy Nat
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    Well said! Admirable words! Hope as much as possible people can read it and get inspired.

  212. Bek
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    Ahh this is perfect!
    Will most certainly applying!

  213. Adam
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    Preston isn’t that far and there’s now a lentils’ there too 🙂 and a decent food market. Just fyi

  214. Carly
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    If you were to be chosen, do you need to pay up front?

  215. A real French person
    A real French person at ·

    I like this article except one thing: I wonder if you’ve actually been to France!

    I’ve lived there for 25 years, I know thousands of girls and women there, of all ages and in all kind of communities including hippy communities and NONE of them finds armpit hair sexy!!!!

    That’s some very bad stereotype that some Hollywood starts have invented (Julia Roberts first, years ago) and people believe them…

    Seriously, in France, even men are more and more numerous to shave everything (including private zones)! Hair is definitely not sexy and even hippies (I know quite a lot of them) don’t have hair…

    So to me, this detail kind of ruins this article cause it makes it sound fake, like a vulgar list of poor stereotypes used to make a point, a point that is true, this being said.

  216. sam
    sam at ·

    pay for your food at lentils and do not encourage others not to pay either. you have made a lifestyle choice to live on a low income and are otherwise a privileged white girl with ample opportunities in life and fair more money than those who genuinely cannot afford lentils and whos life situation is far worse than yours. if you can afford your party goods from the lawn and can afford to go to bush doofs and wear nice doc martins then you can afford to pay for your food which people have cooked and provided and served for you, sometimes for no or little pay and always with love…
    also i just want to say i dont work at lentils or anything but i think your views(and this article) are completely offensive and ignorant.
    oh, and your not a hobo, that is a homeless person, dont make the comparison, ignorant

  217. Katie
    Katie at ·

    This looks amazing but clashes with my term dates 🙁 Is there any way of applying for a shorter part of the course??

  218. Sophie
    Sophie at ·

    Lol. “Political” ?? Like that hokey offensive Native American headress you or yr mate is wearing in that party photo.
    You guys are the LAST people that we want moving here.


  219. Ted
    Ted at ·

    haha..that was a great article Gemma!:) I live in Cape Town – the South African home of the ‘bush doof’ so i totally relate to that experience. Also, I have a sister who lives in Perth and I’ve visited there twice – i must be honest…there ain’t much in Perth to draw anyone with a creative side and a yen for ‘alternative’ living, in my experience at least, but it does sound like Melbourne has quite a bit to offer an off the wall punter. I would love to visit that city someday!

    Thanks again for a really cool and funny article 🙂

    X Ted (thehead)

  220. shaun M
    shaun M at ·

    why do french people always have an opinion

  221. Elle
    Elle at ·

    What a beautiful article, many aspects ring true, of course the French stereotype didn’t help, but fuck it! Grow that bush & underarm tufts of glory! Because you want to &YOU feel sexy. Fuck normalcy… And in my experience it’s a filter system of those who’re travellers and pro female form. They’re not the people trying to carve you into their ideal person.
    Anyway, my rant is over 🙂

  222. El
    El at ·

    there’s a lentil as anything in Preston.

  223. Michael
    Michael at ·

    I thought the start of this was a joke. I have grown up my entire life in the north and can only say; Stay out of northside you wanna be gypsys. You are what makes everyone hate the north with you’re yuppy, government leaching fake ways of life. Also pay for your lentils, you are choosing this as a lifestyle choice and have the means to be able to work! Unfortunately due to disabliltys, mental health problems etc some people actually can’t work ! This is why lentils is there, to help support them and to pay as you feel, which in your case is to be a leach so fuck off ! This article is the definition of cringe, fucking gyppo’s.

  224. bob
    bob at ·

    Outdated. Preston has been the home of the struggling artist for years now, they’re even starting to move to Reservoir. The burbs listed here have been taken over by the cool kids, none of which eat maccas.

  225. josh
    josh at ·

    this is satire right?

  226. Ben
    Ben at ·

    Long series of unfunny cliches about the north from someone who obviously has never lived in the north and sneers at those who do down their nose makes for 5 minutes I’ll never get back. If it’s all so sordid why waste time writing about it. You sound like a sheltered richie from the inner east.

  227. Tom
    Tom at ·

    Ha ! i hope this article is a joke… I hate it when people migrate to the north from their eastern, rich, suburbs to indulge in the ‘north’ lifestyle. bloody hipsters ! The reason the northern suburbs contain so much culture is because the people actually grew up here ! not in daddys mansion then decided they wanted to rebel so skipped across the other side of town knowing they will always have the financial backing or the opportunity to move home. I understand the intent to write this article but gee whizz is it corny and lame !

  228. Tom
    Tom at ·

    then why do you write like an east side stuck up who has had a revelation ?

  229. Ben
    Ben at ·

    You also need to distinguish between north and inner north, ie. Fitzroy, Brunswick, probably even Northcote these days. Above and beyond the fact that no one can survive on the kind of lifestyle you describe here, that’s doubly true in parts of the city that are fully gentrified.

  230. Alex
    Alex at ·

    Holy fucking Jesus that was some classist hipster bullshit from a rich girl who “slummed it” for a year and now reckons she’s a bohemian.

  231. Alex
    Alex at ·

    Also tell your racist friend that appropriating Native American culture is like the least Northside thing you can do so knock it off.

  232. Aero
    Aero at ·

    Ahhh, Melbourne – such a clique-y place! I’ve grown up here most of my life (Richmond, Collingwood, Flemington) and whilst I love the humour of this piece, the whole anti-“eastie” slant is despicable! Grow up! North, inner-north, west, outer west, inner east, south-north, yah-dee yah-dah! We’re all Melbournites, not effin’ Crips and Bloods!

  233. Kelin
    Kelin at ·

    This is exactly what I needed! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!:)

  234. Katie
    Katie at ·

    I’m supposed to be at uni until the 5th of December and then back on the 17th of January… Don’t think I could get away with missing more than a week! Not sure if I’d get credits anyway, just want to do it for the fun!! Thanks 😀

  235. Roger
    Roger at ·

    Thanks Gemma, pissed myself laughing. I’d also like to thank Sam. Sophie, Michael, Ben and Alex for their insightful critiques of the piece, which also caused a little pant wetting. Keep it up guys, the North just wouldn’t be the same without you.

  236. Roger
    Roger at ·

    Irony is a beautiful thing eh Alex.

  237. Terry
    Terry at ·

    Hi Gemma
    Great article I had a real good laugh at this one! It describes a bit of myself and friends at various stages since I moved here from Perth 4 years. Its truly the good life living in Melbournes north. 🙂 I’ll just point out I always pay for Lentils though it was pretty sad when they lost $4000 after Rainbow Serpent this year! It seems most of the people in the comments section don’t understand satire….

  238. Murruntani
    Murruntani at ·

    Hi Gemma
    thanks for the insightful read. Its good to know there are still young people around who can think for themselves. You have described myself and friends 40 years ago living the life in Carlton, Fitzroy, Parkville or Kensington. Why is Melbourne still the capital of bohemia? Why are young people drawn to alternative life styles? Keep up with the writing, you have an enquiring mind and a good eye for detail. Lots of love from the other side of 60.

  239. Lachy
    Lachy at ·

    Apparently the people in the comments have no understanding of what a satirical piece is. I think you write like a true Northy. As someone who also grew up in the north but moved away for a couple of years, I’m looking forward to moving back soon but I’m also a bit scared to be back in the middle of it. That could just be the permanent mental scarring I have from living in Hawthorn for two years, though.

  240. Lauren
    Lauren at ·


  241. anthony
    anthony at ·

    So much nitpicking in the comments, settle on the righteousness

  242. Krazee Eyez Killah
    Krazee Eyez Killah at ·

    So nothing has changed in the last 20 years

  243. Samantha
    Samantha at ·

    I second that! Lentils is a fantastic place where absolutely everyone can get a meal no matter how much cash they have. Don’t abuse the privilege or it won’t be there for those who genuinely need it to survive.

  244. nm
    nm at ·

    Melburnians, surely?

  245. nm
    nm at ·

    True Aldi aficionados will know that there are no aisle numbers, only a layout which doesn’t change throughout the world.

  246. ben
    ben at ·

    i can’t believe she is trying to defend this image, just wow.

  247. Jay Dee
    Jay Dee at ·

    I think you need to school some of your readers on the meaning of satire. This is not a satirical piece, it is mostly fact with a smattering of humour. If it was satire, I might not also have also taken such offense to your advice to n00bs to rip off Lentil As Anything. Lay off you pretender, pick on someone your own size, not a struggling business that is servicing those in actual need. It was not meant for priveleged, selfish white arsehats like you and your mates and who think it is cool to pretend you are poor. Go back to the Gold Coast.

  248. Nadine Lee
    Nadine Lee at ·

    so inspiring thank you for this !!!!! raw beauty xxx

  249. Cat
    Cat at ·

    Wonderful article, we must be more open to loving ourselves and accepting our natural beauty.
    However in Thailand the long neck ladies are only in a few small villages, and there are not many of these ladies left. There only a few from many years ago who can’t take the rings off because their neck can’t support the weight of their heads, due to being stretched too far (so pretty much their necks will snap). These villages are mostly for tourist now. Beauty in thailand is actually more about being thin with big boobs, fair skin & big eyes. There are many eating disorders in Thailand and plastic surgery is as common as getting your nails done 🙁 , lived there most my life cause i’m half thai.

  250. Nick
    Nick at ·

    My Bush is huge

  251. Jarrah nock
    Jarrah nock at ·

    Hey this is so true i cant believe it haha youve truely grasped the spirit of melbourne!
    I would love a FREE THE BUSH shirt, how do i buy it?

  252. Fluffy
    Fluffy at ·

    Yes! Hell, yes… to it all. x

  253. Karl
    Karl at ·

    This is brilliant, tongue in cheek look at the area, can’t believe so many people are getting their knickers in a knot over this.. +5 chest hairs for you

  254. washington
    washington at ·

    how is it satire, or what does it matter if it is satire, when it’s a perfect 1:1 representation of actual insufferable hipsters, it’s just more garbage nobody needed

  255. JRKS
    JRKS at ·

    If, like me a few years ago, you reached the point of not being able to afford Lentils, definitely volunteer and in time you might be able to earn a Volunteer Stipend. Got me back on my feet!

  256. benny
    benny at ·

    What a well written satirical piece. I feel lots of your audience have failed to see the satire in this piece. Gemma is just putting out there what really happens. The lentils thing as sad as it is, is true. So many people eat with the intention of paying next time etc. So this is not promoting it. Its making us see a light hearted view of the truth. I feel a lot of you above have attacked unnecessarily and really need to get the fuck off your soap boxes and see the writing for what it is.

    Well done Gemma I look forward to many more of your articles.

  257. Dan
    Dan at ·

    Hi Gemma,
    First of all I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your article on the antics of the northerners with its satire and subtle mockery of those who pursue such a lifestyle. Your descriptions are pretty spot on and I found myself having a cheeky chuckle at some of the things you’ve written.
    However, I’d like to say that your focus on Lentil as Anything as a place to grab a free feed is a bit off and inappropriate to relate to this theme even as satire. As a volunteer at Lentil, I understand while many people are unable to pay for their food it is not simply just another option when you are lacking funds and not actually disadvantaged. The other workers at Lentil as Anything are either refugees or asylum seekers who are trying to earn their right to stay in Australia or become an Australian citizen. As another comment mentioned, Lentil made a loss of around $4,000 during the Rainbow Serpent weekend which reflects the real world views and ideas some people have of Lentil that are outlined in this article.
    As an alternative, may I suggest that you also make it clear that people are able to volunteer some of their time if they are unable to pay (especially if they have a lot of “me time”). This will help to reinforce the idea that Lentil as Anything is a community rather than a service that helps reach out to those less fortunate and resonates the philosophy that the food brings people together regardless of belief and socio-economic status (among other things).
    Lentil is a great place and it would be a shame to see its philosophy of “pay as you feel” being exploited – communities require contributions to keep on going.
    Apart from that, a great and entertaining article – thanks! 🙂

  258. Yolan
    Yolan at ·

    Hey Gemma, loved everything in this article (except the picture of your friend in the headdress, like how many times do we have to explain cultural appropriation and racism to people before they stop doing something so ignorant?). I’m not from the North side but I visit a lot and you are totally correct. You’ve hit the nail on the head in so many ways. And yeah guys, pay for Lentils, its frikin cheap anyway. Makes me sick how many people don’t. Don’t be a scumbag.

  259. Sage
    Sage at ·

    is this whole this satire? I sure hope it is.

  260. Nate Maingard
    Nate Maingard at ·

    Yay natural life loving humans! I love me a natural, self celebrating, curvaceous, nomadic queen! Thank you and well done gorgeous person

  261. Nate Maingard
    Nate Maingard at ·

    Who makes money from the book we’ll be writing?

  262. Kate
    Kate at ·

    This angers me so much.
    If people really think this is what living on the Northside is like then they are never going to fit in.
    I know many, many people who manage to have good jobs and still persue creative endeavours when they aren’t working.
    Bratty, spoilt people like this are who annoy the people living here and then we get accused of being self righteous and clique-y because we don’t like disrespectful people coming into our communities.
    And we all pay SOMETHING at Lentils cos you know…being socially aware isn’t just a past time while we’re having our ‘bohemian experience’.
    If you think this article is great and makes you want to move here. Please don’t…go and ‘find yourself’ somewhere else but be respectful and socially aware about it. And be politically active because you believe in something…not because you think it’ll make you fit in.

  263. Leah
    Leah at ·

    Ditto that – Preston has a lentils cafe now and its fair share of northside hobos. Cheaper housing and good public transport, it was only a matter of time.

  264. michaela
    michaela at ·

    I honestly have no idea as to what your even saying out of the thousands that live there doesnt mean they all like the shaved women do you speak for all the men in france??

    Didnt think so so dont sit here and type a comment speaking on behalf of the french people cause you have no idea what every french man or woman like only the ones you claim to know

    Other than that perfect article not a thing wrong with it….
    Good day…

  265. yo_momma
    yo_momma at ·

    No excuses, women need to shave dem pits. Sooo nasty and it makes them stink.

  266. Me
    Me at ·

    Because she grew up on the Gold Cost not on the Northside.

  267. Thomas
    Thomas at ·

    One thing I find interesting is that everyone is judging the validity of Gemma’s opinion because she’s from the “east” or the “Gold Coast”; so she must be small-minded, rich and stuck up. Bit of a generalisation don’t you think? Would you be as quick to judge on this basis if she was from Tehran or Dublin? Or if she was born in Brunswick? I live in Northcote now, and I think this article sums up exactly the life everyone I know here leads. Oh, but I was born in Sydney, so my opinion wouldn’t count and I should probably “go back where I came from”…

  268. Roxanne
    Roxanne at ·


  269. bianca
    bianca at ·

    It’s official – the ‘contiki-ism’ of the north has begun (hence all the backpacker joints popping up in Brunswick! It’s like St Kilda all over again!).

  270. Ash
    Ash at ·

    Very Northside to be so self-righteous about not being rich (and thus a cunt, because people who have money all are, right?). Do you even sub-Saharan Africa, bro? It can get almost as cringeworthy as Brooklyn here.

  271. Rhys
    Rhys at ·

    I like that people get angry at this satire piece because it is exactly what the North is like.
    the North sucks, at least the South has a stinky beach.
    (I live in the East, it’s quiet and rent is cheap due to lack of cool guy tax. 3123 4eva)

  272. fph
    fph at ·

    r u offended wittw baby?

  273. hairy fairy
    hairy fairy at ·

    no one has to shave anything. its completely your choice as it your body. also it doesn’t affect anyone else so anyone else’s opinion has zero relevance

  274. Nicholas
    Nicholas at ·

    This is just perfect

  275. D. Zaster
    D. Zaster at ·

    Good for you. You overcame your body-image issues.

    Now try writing about something interesting, that has to do with something other than me, myself and I.

  276. Cleaner
    Cleaner at ·

    This article just made a blanket statement about people living in France and “A real french person” just called her on the validity of the information! You just berated him for doing the same thing the article just did!

  277. carl
    carl at ·

    This post is so idiotic. First you tell us that you would purposely throw up what you would eat. Second you tell us you found out you naturally had a body that women would die for. So obviously you are anorexic? True. Ok so now you choose to become a fat ass. I thought the moral of the story was to be your self and not what society wants or thinks you should be.

  278. Miss Understood
    Miss Understood at ·

    I am French and yes some french people do think having underarm hair is attractive, though its not all of us who think so. Read the article carefully, she did not say ALL French people are like this.

  279. Miss Understood
    Miss Understood at ·

    Again here’s another person who didn’t understand the purpose of this article. All she is saying is she struggled for a while trying too hard to fit society’s standard of ‘beautiful’ until she realised that everyone has their own definition of ‘beauty’ and therefore can NOT please everyone. She has since chosen to do what feels best for her.

  280. shane
    shane at ·

    be Vegan. All animals matter, including cows and chickens

  281. Bianca
    Bianca at ·

    Can you still be in year 12 and apply??

  282. Deb
    Deb at ·

    Hi. I shared this article on Facebook and they removed it because of nudity :/

  283. Emma
    Emma at ·

    How many internships are up for grabs? 😀

  284. David
    David at ·

    Came here to fap to some titties, I found the cover image grossly misleading and offensive to my boner.

  285. Mr awesome
    Mr awesome at ·

    Nice titties :p

  286. Julie
    Julie at ·

    I really love the main idea of this article but I am sorry some of the stuff you wrote are just too wrong “in France, underarm hair is considered sexy” …. ahahah not at all unfortunately! I wish!! Tell me where in France you’ve been to think such a thing and I’ll move there (it’s a very wrong cliché cliché cliché!) and “in Northern Thailand, long necks are admired” it’s just one tribe and a few villages, they are birman refugees women who now wear those neck’s rings to make their necks look longer and it’s mainly for for tourists nowadays..

    But again, love and agree with the main idea!

  287. katie
    katie at ·

    Actually many women AND men here in america think pit hair is sexy. and i’m sure that goes for other countries as well. and i am sure there are also some not willing to admit it, seems a bit taboo to some. Me, I love it. It’s natural. It was put there for a reason obviously.

  288. Gabi at thenomadicfamily. Com
    Gabi at thenomadicfamily. Com at ·

    Adore every word. Thank you for reflecting that beautiful light of yours outward I am deep touched. And about the negative nit picky comments, let it go. When I reveal the rawness of my soul, often others are not sure how to handle that much blaring light. Continue sister. I hope to read more of your work in the future. So inspiration. Thank you, Gabi

  289. teo
    teo at ·

    Don’t eat vegetables they’re alive too

  290. Aaron
    Aaron at ·

    She’s not telling anyone what and what not to eat. We are omnivores by nature. Make your own decisions and stop trying to make them for others. All animals are food for something else.

  291. Amandine
    Amandine at ·

    I agree with you. I’m french as well and not sure about this sexy underarm hair but you’re article make me smile

  292. Isobel
    Isobel at ·

    Using the word ‘womanly’ to describe a certain body shape really others some women that couldn’t ever get that figure

  293. brittany o
    brittany o at ·

    I’m a BBW and I rock what I got! If anyone don’t like me for me then they can kiss my fat ass!

  294. cori
    cori at ·

    I am appalled by all the nude pics showing up on Facebook and the pic has little to do with the article and is disgusting to me.

  295. Harrison
    Harrison at ·

    you’d better not go around with the high assumptions of getting rid of tapeworms and flat worms from children’s guts then, as they’re animals too.
    If you agree with that statement, then I respect you, I’ll also think you’re mad, but you won’t be a hypocrite.

  296. Jessie Parker
    Jessie Parker at ·

    I completely agree Michaela and I admire your confidence and boldness to stand up to the woman who is trying to put down such a wonderful and budding young journalist for making such a minor misdemeanour. Grace I thought your article was a joy to read, it was so truthful and inspiring. I will definitely take heed and life live to the full after reading this!

    Jessie 🙂

  297. DezzF
    DezzF at ·

    Yea the article is great and should help some ppl who do have issues, but can be looked at in the same light as the way models portray how ppl should look or act. Quite frankly it’s to each his or her own, they can be whatever person they chose to be weather its fatter, thinner, hairy, clean shaven, tattooed or not tattooed it’s of no consiquence or importance to another person as long as you are personally HAPPY within yourself. As it’s said those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind… be yourself and who you want to be

  298. Carly
    Carly at ·

    Hey Gemma, I’ve already sent in my application but with the dates of the program do you chose which one were put in or were we supposed to specify which one would suit us better? Cheers 🙂

  299. Carly
    Carly at ·

    Oh okay sorry about that, 23rd of November- 20th of December would be best, but either is fine 😀 and thank you 😀

  300. Holly
    Holly at ·

    omg!! schweeeet offer!!!! is it first come first in, or a gladiator style battle to see which applicants are the best for the gig 🙂 🙂

  301. Rowey
    Rowey at ·

    How is someone a hypocrite for wanting to nourish their body and also for wanting to rid themselves of parasites

  302. Nick
    Nick at ·

    I spent 25 of 50 years northside of Melbourne. Judging by the comments of the “Northerners”, it sounds utterly intolerable.

  303. Emma Smart
    Emma Smart at ·

    Hi Gemma,

    I forgot to mention my avaliability in my email. I am free for both 🙂

  304. Jesse
    Jesse at ·

    That is the best thing Ive ever read..

  305. Kate
    Kate at ·

    Hi Gemma, do writing samples need be travel writing? Or can they be any sort of writing? Also, can we attach more than 1 sample?

  306. Dani Don
    Dani Don at ·


  307. sigh
    sigh at ·


    That is a unique and clever reply and certainly the first time any vegetarian or vegan has heard that one!
    Stick it to ’em!

  308. Rudy Montes
    Rudy Montes at ·

    Beautifully said. Just be healthy in the weight your body is supposed to be.

  309. Hayley
    Hayley at ·

    This article kinda reminds me of when Brian (from Family Guy) wrote the book “Wish It, Want It, Do It”. A mish-mash of first world problems, inspirational cliches, and fixing everything by just thinking positively. It’s good the author was able to travel the world and get over her obsession with thinness, but, mehhh. It comes off as a randomly-generated self-help article.

    A more in depth story about one of her meaningful experiences with one of the cultures she’s experienced would have been more original. It seems like she’s got alot of good material hidden away in there, and she’s selling herself short by writing in such a general way. I would love to hear more about the Ethiopian tribes, or the people of Tonga or Tahiti.

    Sorry if this came off overly harsh. Just wanted to add some constructive criticism – I know the constructive part is hard to find thanks to the anonymity of the internet. I really do congratulate the author on escaping the claws of an eating disorder. That’s a very tough thing to do.

  310. kingdez
    kingdez at ·

    What stupid advice and nothing more than platitudes for the weak and lazy. The point of life is to make use of, and better what you have, not wallow in the excuse of simply existing. Or why bother traveling for not improving the understanding of circumstance. You’ve taken every characteristic of a foreign culture and made it fit what you’re uncomfortable with. Why not be Asian, Laitino or African.. be who you are and dont use other cultures for your… doesnt matter….this is beyond you and the hundred other comments.

  311. Katie Grant
    Katie Grant at ·

    Hello, is that cost specified in AUS dollars?

  312. Conway Neale
    Conway Neale at ·

    I found this article rather stimulating however I will admit I am one of those ‘lucky assholes’. Of course this doesn’t change the fact I work 55 hrs per week. .There is infact more time in a day, a week or even a single hour than one usually perceives. Like Eckhart Tolle said there is a difference between psychological time and clock time. .In regards to Torschusspanik and its definition; I appreciate as it confirms the fact you are either living or you are dying and if you are not ‘living’ life own your ass. A very simple however daunting issue of perception. As for travel; woop wooop! I am yet to have these adventures and feel thrilled at the prospect. Anyway in conclusion: Feel good, challenge your comfort zone, Love and do what you will. . AND. . never forget there are individuals who are 77 years young and there others who are 22 year’s.

  313. Tessa
    Tessa at ·

    Seriously Mr Susan, quit your whinging. Getting off the beaten track is easy.

    1. Go to China.
    2. Spend a day trying to work out how to communicate well enough to buy a train ticket to a place you’ve never heard of, seen anything written about, and can’t even pronounce the name of.
    3. Get on the train (and hope it’s the right one).
    4. Alight from train (and hope it’s the station which corresponds to your ticket).
    4. Spend at least 48 hours at the destination, then repeat the process until the end of your trip/budget.

    BAM! You’re off your beaten track. You can now have your sacred, “individual” experience.

    I dare you.

    Love Tessa

  314. Jake
    Jake at ·

    Urrr … Chill the fuck out! I didnt really get most of what you were on about but why the fuck cant people write what they want and go where they want, without you having an intellectual wank off about whether what they are doing, writing , describing is worthwhile!

  315. Mr Susan
    Mr Susan at ·

    WOWSERS! That is some hardcore stuff Tessa ! You are a true adventurer. I accept your dare chattering teeth and all 😉

  316. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    Hey Jake,

    Thanks for the criticism, although I would implore you to reserve your opinions for subjects other than ones you don’t “really get”. I don’t really get economics, which is why I leave it alone, nevertheless you’ve taken the time to write something, and it’d be rude of me to not take the time to reply to you.

    At no point in the article did I say people cannot “write what they want and go where they want”, I merely pointed out ways in which the words we use define who we are, what we’ve been doing, or what we mean. It’s similar to describing your feelings towards someone else, you can like them, hate them, love them, pity them and so on. For me, to you, it’s the latter.

    Furthermore, there is no way in Allah’s brown earth that this is an “intellectual wank off”, for paradise’s sake this is the least intellectual piece of writing on a website so far from academia it’s pretty much the mouthpiece of a South Waziristan Madrasa.

    But, again, you did state that you didn’t get it. Not everything is for everyone.

  317. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    Cheers Rocket, but I fear if hostels started putting this stuff in hostels they’d lose 99% of their clients. It’s a harsh reality that what you are doing is just so… common.

  318. Tessa
    Tessa at ·

    I never implied that I did it myself 😀

    I personally have no problem with beaten tracks. I’ve had the best fun of my life and met the most amazing friends on beaten tracks. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Poo-poo to everyone else!

    I’ve visited China, but only briefly, so if you do end up doing the China thing and you decide to do a blog – or is that too internet-y? 😉 – let me know. I’d be really interested to see how that kind of experiment would pan out.

    x 🙂

  319. Sarah
    Sarah at ·

    Actually, reading grown men have a cry about grammar and terminology is about the most boring thing ever.

  320. Maddy
    Maddy at ·

    Right after you dribbled on about correct grammar and spelling, you went ahead and used “your” instead of “you’re”. Maybe start checking your work before logging on to…

  321. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    Oh Maddy, maybe if you continued to read past my apparent indiscretion you’d realise that it was a trap intended to pull wannabe grammar nazis like yourself out of the woodwork. And you, my dear, fell straight into it.

    If all you got from that article was that one, extremely ironic (maybe a little too ironic) and obvious (maybe way too obvious) spelling mistake, then I would suggest you take up marking 4th grade english exams.

    I wouldn’t usually waste my time responding to this, but you said I “dribbled on” and I took my time to keep this as concise as I could. So stick that in you’re pipe and smoke it.

  322. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    Although, if said 4th grade English exam included a spelling bee, a spelling bee that included the word “thesaurus” you’d be well and truly fucked.

    I should know how to spell thesaurus, as I am too busy using them to correct my own work.

  323. Mr Susan
    Mr Susan at ·

    I love to travel and its getting harder and harder to get off the beaten track these days . Worse than this is my total distain for the average traveller. I think after a certain age and a certain number of years travelling people do become jaded its just so hard to avoid these numpties what with the interwebs and’ i ‘gadgets of every shape and size. My girlfriend says im just a grump maybe shes right, but one thing is for sure. technology has made travelling ever so lame… its far too easy nowadays the beaten track is now a lovely paved path with free wifi…

  324. Chels
    Chels at ·

    Paragraph two, line two: your (you’re) 🙂

  325. Chels
    Chels at ·

    Like 🙂

  326. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    Haha, it’s ridiculous.

    “So… where have you done lately?”

    “Oh, I was just in the Himalayas, we went up there with a tour and spent a few days checking out the mountains, I quite liked it.”

    “You went on a tour? Ha, when I did the Himalayas I rode up on a vegetable-oil fuelled Crimean War era tricycle that I built myself from bread-bag clips, then I cruised around up there strapped to the bottom of a rapid long-hair ram. It was the only way to do it right..”

  327. Rocket
    Rocket at ·

    Best travel article I have read, should be available in most hostel common rooms for people (cunts) to read

  328. Chris Lawrence
    Chris Lawrence at ·

    Nice read Ox, but we are all probably guilty of some of what your talking about in the above read hey, good seeing Friday night!

  329. LISA
    LISA at ·

    Is the joke the fact that you spelled you’re incorrectly? :p

  330. Bragu Moy
    Bragu Moy at ·

    So, if you’re purposely placing traps for alleged grammar nazis, what does that make you, grammar’s marshall plan?

    Fuck, you’re a conceited bastard…

    I’d love to see you being flogged by spanish/French native speakers for murdering their grammar the same way you use english grammar as means to diminish your non-native english speakers (who make the concession of speaking/ writing your mother tongue so your ignorant, pompous ass is able to understand a word)… But they’re probably generous enough to make you think your 100 phrase lexicon is excellent…

    By the way, how’s your portuguese, as good as the english of those brazilian surf fans you flogged for not writing in english properly?

    You Global Hoboes could probably do better than this journo wannabe, but you’d probably have to look outside the colonies…

    P.S. No need to thank me for the attention of taking the time to post about your ghastly verbiage, knowing bogans’s tastes you’ll probably take this as a measure of your (imaginary) success.

  331. Fuckin Die
    Fuckin Die at ·

    Fuckin Die ..,.

  332. nasturtiumnat
    nasturtiumnat at ·

    Amazing! Sadly I can’t make this round of workshops. Do these happen annually?

  333. juliecleaver
    juliecleaver at ·

    I absolutely love this article. It speaks so much truth.

  334. April Nicole
    April Nicole at ·


  335. juliecleaver
    juliecleaver at ·

    This article is stunning.Very well written and speaks so much truth! Everyone should read this.

    On a side note, I’m half-Canadian and half-Kiwi, so I’ve grown up in the shadow of the U.S. and Australia. But smaller nations are definitely much cooler and less screwed, I agree.

  336. juliecleaver
    juliecleaver at ·

    Extremely well justified article! Through Southeast Asia I refrained from patting tigers or riding elephants, and now I feel pretty fricken good about myself. I might post this article on all the profile pictures of my friends with their dazed tigers… or maybe just link it to them so I’m less rude.

  337. Lily
    Lily at ·

    Hi how old do you have to be to do this? 🙂

  338. Clair
    Clair at ·

    How many applicants have you had so far?

  339. Natassja
    Natassja at ·

    This actually is the best thing ever! I’m definitely applying!

  340. enia
    enia at ·

    hi, in which hour you end your trip and was back in songpan?

  341. Dayna
    Dayna at ·

    I love this Gemma!

  342. shadehades
    shadehades at ·

    because they’re also animals…

  343. Amy
    Amy at ·

    Did you know that female cows are forcibly inseminated to make them pregnant so they will lactate? Then the babies are stolen from them so we can steal the milk. The female calves become dairy slaves till their bodies wear out within five years and are sent to slaughter for cheap meat. The males are considered useless to the dairy industry and are slaughtered as infants for veal or rennet. The dairy industry is the meat industry.

    Egg laying hens bodies wear out from constant egg laying within two years. They are then slaughtered for cheap meat. To replace them eggs are hatched at hatcheries. Half of the babies born are males. Male chicks are considered useless to the egg industry and are ground up alive or smothered to death on the first day of their lives.

    Be vegan.

  344. Amy
    Amy at ·

    Most people agree that it is wrong to cause the unnecessary suffering and death of sentient beings. Unnecessary reasons include entertainment, convenience and pleasure. As consuming animals and their secretions is not necessary, and causes suffering and death, it is ethically wrong to do so.

    Killing parasites is still a vegan action as it is doing so in defense. Defense is understandable.

    Don’t be a hypocrite nor violent. Be vegan.

  345. Amy
    Amy at ·

    Try again. This time research sentience.

  346. Tracey Young
    Tracey Young at ·

    I suppose bringing a 3yo is out of the question………….

  347. Tony
    Tony at ·

    I love bacon.

  348. Wayne Nedeau
    Wayne Nedeau at ·

    Um… No

  349. Wayne Nedeau
    Wayne Nedeau at ·

    I keep chickens and eat their eggs. They are not slaves, or being slaughtered. Don’t be vegan. Be whatever you want, love your life, not the one Amy wants you to.

  350. Mark
    Mark at ·

    Interesting read but if it was truly about being comfortable with yourself and not being bothered about labels, why publish it.

  351. rick duvall
    rick duvall at ·

    How about milk and eggs from humane organic sources? Not all eggs or milk involve cruelty.

  352. jojo
    jojo at ·

    YeS! Be vegan.

  353. TruthTalker
    TruthTalker at ·

    So basically, you got fat?

  354. Zelda Fitzgerald
    Zelda Fitzgerald at ·

    Fuck the younger generation up its own arse

  355. Olivia Wooten
    Olivia Wooten at ·

    Hahah uhhhh no. I love food! I love chicken . I don’t drink milk but I would. Yeah become vegan guys!! Your body will suffer and you will quickly becom anemic developing an iron deficiency haha this is DUMB

  356. lia
    lia at ·

    Did you know that dairy cattle are artificially inseminated because bulls are too dangerous to keep around? Or that not all countries have the same practices and on other countries dairy cattle live twice as long? How about that regulations on dairy bull calves are changing? Did you know that hens will “constantly” lay eggs during their prime whether humans are involved or not. Most eggs are not fertilized because roosters need to have sexual contact before the shells are formed around the eggs so eating eggs are not murder.

  357. Tristan
    Tristan at ·

    Consuming animals isn’t necessary? Listen to yourself! It is literally how we evolved as a species, and the most healthy and natural diet to live on. Animal cruelty is obviously wrong, but what you’re preaching has nothing to do with that. Killing animals humanely is the way the majority of meat is made, and that is the best way to do it. Surely not everyone has forgotten the way the ecosystem works, lions and killer whales hunt, but we’ve established a more effective and less dangerous method for the animals. We breed them and kill them, in the same way a lion might kill you if it needs food! We will never stop eating meat, so stop asking us to. You can stick to your vegetables and tofu.

  358. juliecleaver
    juliecleaver at ·

    Interesting perspective! I never thought about it that way… Very enjoyable read.

  359. juliecleaver
    juliecleaver at ·

    That story really painted a picture in my brain. I’ve experienced similar situations when travelling! Scary stuff.

  360. juliecleaver
    juliecleaver at ·

    This article speaks so much truth! Basically sums up what the motto I live by in beautiful words. Kudos.

  361. MeatIsGood
    MeatIsGood at ·

    I think my Veal got too much exercise… Was a little tough.

  362. Anton
    Anton at ·

    Best comment by far. Thanks Hayle.

  363. Anton
    Anton at ·

    Did anyone at all notice the irony of the oddly plucked and waxed eyebrows?

  364. jay
    jay at ·

    I would “be vegan” but there is just one problem.
    I love steak and bacon to much. Sorry dude
    Nothing beats a bacon egg and cheese sandwich off the griddle. With a big glass of milk. Or a rack of ribs off the grill worth cold beer.
    Sorry man I would never be able to commit to that

  365. Ben
    Ben at ·

    Basically you are gay if you dont eat meat

  366. deepak agrawal
    deepak agrawal at ·

    All nice

  367. jay
    jay at ·

    I love 5year old cheeseburgers lol hey vegans my food eats your food. Get over it.

  368. Annabelle
    Annabelle at ·

    What’s interesting is that in every culture there are women trying to fit in to what that culture deems beautiful, or what would appeal to their future husbands. “Women in Ethiopia have their bodies scarred from birth to be more attractive to their future husbands.” Hmmmm….I think I’d rather work towards being really fit and healthy (which may result in a thigh gap) than scar myself. Each area is not any better than the other. All women are still trying to fit into their societal norms.

  369. Bob
    Bob at ·

    Try again. This time research the definition of “living”

  370. rich
    rich at ·

    those cows and chickens are raised and breeded for their milk and eggs. they wouldnt even be alive if it wasnt for the farmers lmfao. that is the cycle of life, i’d rather not bruise like a tomato and turn green because a lack of protein and meat..

  371. Ludwig W
    Ludwig W at ·

    I’m still not convinced by the claims of this article being satire.

    “Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, government or society itself, into improvement.”

    Well it does, but it not how the author intended.

    To rent a unit in “acceptable” Fitzroy is the same price as a unit in a rich area like Brighton.

    And if you have that kind of cash to be spending on such digs – shame on you for throwing some coin to a non-profit like Lentil as Anything. Oh wait…you’ll need to save that cash for that $157 ticket to Yemaya (yeah, we’re slumming it maaaaaan).

    Just be honest. If you want to live in the inner city for the lifestyle, that’s fine. If you’re young, then you want to have access to where the action is (or was 7 years ago before the professional class bought everything up). If you want to give helpful advice to non-Melbournians, then it’s pointless “slumming it” in an expensive area when you could live in a more affordable area like Preston and still be on the 86 tram line.

  372. Nik
    Nik at ·

    Well, vegetables and fruits don’t exactly come without their share of problems. Many fruits and veggies are picked by underpaid workers, convicts, and in some cases even slaves. Even fairtrade products seldom actually benefit poor farmers. Even if your grow all your own food, where’d you get the seeds from? Someone’s always got the short end of the stick. You can hardly claim that exploiting animals, however terrible, is any worse than exploiting other humans.

  373. Marie
    Marie at ·

    I just found this post and am practically foaming at the mouth. The deadline is June 20, however you mention above that applications need to be in by late July. Am I on the 2 day schedual I think I am? 🙂

  374. sighsighsighsighsighsighsigh
    sighsighsighsighsighsighsigh at ·

    It is also the first time ever I have ever heard a vegan tell everyone else how much more morally correct their diet is,ever. Coincidence or fate?

  375. kingcobra
    kingcobra at ·

    Hey Amy, if you were an honest person, you’d also share about all the critters that gets chewed up alive to harvest your greens. But, that is easy to ignore, isn’t it? We don’t have videos of that. Too many greens in the way make a nice little comfy cloud of ignorance to blind you vegans to the truth.

    Lettuce is murder too, you just don’t see it on the plate.

  376. Brian Phillips
    Brian Phillips at ·

    My answer is simple, buy your foods from farmer markets or farmers. This way you as a person knows and understand what you get. Most animal raised for meats that are sold in story’s are not that good. Then most greens are changed genetically. However if you take the time and shop at farmers Markets you can ask those question about the foods you are about to buy.
    What people see from large facilities with their foods is not what a true farmer grows and sells. I grew up on our ranch and I was a rancher for a few years. We not only grew our garden but our animals were not full of injections or steroids. We did not milk a cow after taking its calf. In most cases we milked the cow that lost her calf during birthing. Then if a cow produce to much milk for a calf we would milk it. Or we would take a calf that lost it mother and get it to nurse off that cow. What people are saying about greens, chickens, cows and pigs is not how a local farmer raises or treats their animals or gardens. Those people understand what they eat is what is in there bodies. You are what you eat. So find a true Farmer or Rancher, develop a good relationship with them and they will treat you right. I always wonder if people know what fresh milk or fresh eggs or good meat taste like. I can tell you this, it does not taste like what you get at your local Wal Mart or big story.

  377. Justin
    Justin at ·

    Well… some of us are allergic to veggies. I personally get violently ill when I eat most vegetables. The vegan idea has a “nice” gesture but is not an option for some people.

  378. GoHomeVeganIdiots
    GoHomeVeganIdiots at ·

    What the actual fuck does being vegan or vegetarian gave to do with ANY of this fuckin article, you PETA loving, tofu-eating, MORONS?! Shit. Talk about a missed point. Go off n eat your tofu but quit preaching because those of us who eat meat will continue to do so, so you’re not saving any animals. Dipshits. Stop it.

  379. Talon Street
    Talon Street at ·

    Eat what the fuck you want. Vegetarians are like Christians they try to force their beliefs onto you. Why do you care so much about animals, But you’ll eat a fucking leaf everyday of the week plants are alive too?

  380. Kayla
    Kayla at ·

    Uhm did I miss something? I don’t think I read anything in hear about being vegan or not…

    I think it is saying to not give a duck about your size and what arrogant assholes think about your body. And have your body the way you please, not what everyone else pleases.

    Try reading the article again guys.

  381. Kayla
    Kayla at ·

    Lol you’re great thank you

    I don’t think these people can read. All they read was “vegan, vegan,vegan…”

  382. Kayla
    Kayla at ·

    Oh and btw guys. People who eat meat are not bad people. I mean it’s how we live and survive. We are all animals and animals eat us. We eat animals. So what? It’s our nature dipshits.

  383. bg
    bg at ·

    PETA – perfectly edible tasty animals

  384. Kasey
    Kasey at ·

    You know those 2 little sets of canine teeth, on the sides of our incisors? Those are there because we are naturally omnivores. We are designed to eat and take nourishment from EVERYTHING. You vegans are fooling yourselves. You’re nowhere near healthy. In fact, the next time a strong wind blows, you run the risk of being snapped in half from malnutrition. There’s a little something called the food chain. It’s been in effect since well before written history. It works.

    I’d much rather have a strong body and mind, than a need to stroke my ego by pretending that I’m doing any good by not eating other animals.

    My body is like a cheetahs.
    Vegans bodies are like cows.


  385. Tony Goalder
    Tony Goalder at ·

    Really? Your disgust over nudity is disgusting to me. Only idiots equate nudity with sex. So….Cori, you’re acting like a disgusting idiot.

  386. Bill
    Bill at ·

    I love vegetables………..right next to my steak

  387. Jason
    Jason at ·

    They are eating the food our food eats

  388. VeggiesRyummy
    VeggiesRyummy at ·

    Some life. Why doesn’t every life matter? Do you have pets? I’m a vegetarian marathon runner, weight lifter, and can prob kick your butt in volleyball. Frail, green, and “bruise easily” does not describe me at all. But, thank you for your intelligent insight.

  389. Congo
    Congo at ·

    I support P.E.T.A. strongly
    People Eating Tastey Animals

  390. jan
    jan at ·

    Animals are the next level of nature. Some are designed to eat grasses . Others fruits and nuts . Then others are meat eaters . Looking at the mechanics of the animal ( yes us included) gives rise to how the collage fits together. Vegetation is the basis of our need . The flow on is all downside when heat is used in the prep of food . Storage(fat) has a two fold base issue . One is the wrong supply chain is used to feed the organism . Two is the EAR isn’t in balance. E= energy(all incoming food \ good or bad). A=activity(moving it or sitting on your ass). R=result(fat from doing nothing to use what you have eaten . Or fit from taking ownership that you control what is happening within your factory. ) Learn people . The internet gives you the best chance of gaining knowledge . After the finding put it in place within your life . You . Yes . You have the ultimate power to create your future you now . Remember what you liked to do as a child . If it is within you ability start doing it again . positive inputs to drive the negatives away into the corner so they are away from your dayly fun .Enjoy the life nature has allowed you to have . Give it your all as a thank you to it for letting you be here .

  391. Becky Hendry
    Becky Hendry at ·

    Look! Someone with a brain!

  392. Patrick
    Patrick at ·

    All the psychos putting down production agriculture. Look into it you idiots. It’s very humane. And cows live way longer than 5 years. Stupid bastards. You same idiots probably own a fly swatter or mouse trap. Or bitch when a coon gets in your garbage when all he’s trying to do is eat. Hypocrits. O and last time I checked….a lion, tiger, bear, shark, you name it will eat a human. And they don’t care. Rant over

  393. Hannah Downing
    Hannah Downing at ·

    Just found this and am literally vibrating in my seat!! I know I’m too late for this round but I’ll send you my application for next June/July as I am soooo in for this!!

  394. Marko
    Marko at ·

    Who the f… cares if girl is hairy, who the f…. cares what she eats and who the f… cares if she is thin or rounder body type. If i like you, and if you want me of course, than i am all yours, hahaha. Jep, i like them all, i like them a lot 😉

  395. Luna Baxter
    Luna Baxter at ·

    sorry but we don’t eat grass hay and grains? idiot

  396. ILuvIt
    ILuvIt at ·

    I recommend Fred (Whoopie), he can only be contacted on wechat: a2564819191

  397. Emily
    Emily at ·

    You know when you get passive aggressive with your emojis, shit is going down!

  398. Ms Tickle Wind
    Ms Tickle Wind at ·

    A stitch in the bush is worth a bird in nine.

    He who laughs last is a friend indeed.

    It is harder for a camel to pass the eye of where angels fear to tread.

  399. Ceecee
    Ceecee at ·

    Keep the northside the fuck away from me if its anything like you have described. What a fucking nightmare. I felt dirty and gross just reading this. Also have you never been on the internet? Don’t try and defend that headdress. Theres a big difference between “paying homage” and trying to be the cutest gal at the festival

  400. Geraldine
    Geraldine at ·

    Hi Linda, would you be so kind as to provide his website..? Thank you!

  401. juliecleaver
    juliecleaver at ·

    Lovely article. Very well written and compelling to read. Apparently now the Israelites are trying to start a different war, one with less death but more psychological damage. They are taking Palestinian school children who ‘threw rocks’ and mentally and sometimes physically torturing them. This is to hopefully make things so bad, the Palestinians will want to leave.

  402. juliecleaver
    juliecleaver at ·

    I love this piece!

    When I was first introduced to yoga, it was in the Lulu Lemon stage, and resisted getting into it because I didn’t want to be one of those people pseudo-spiritual people. But after getting over myself and actually finding yogas beauty for myself, I started to appreciate it.

    Same with surfing, travelling and so many awesome/commercial things in life!

  403. joemcduphrey
    joemcduphrey at ·

    amen. get your shit together “global hobo”. utterly disrespectful.

  404. Vinny
    Vinny at ·

    My food poops on your food…proud to eat anothing put on my plate

  405. george
    george at ·

    you need to chill out and smoke a bong or something brooo

  406. cattocatto
    cattocatto at ·

    Too funny. So many people dont get satire

  407. thecreativeduet
    thecreativeduet at ·

    FOOD IS AMAZING, BE A SHIT VEGAN…. TRY OUT VEGAN MEALS BUT NEVER COMMIT TO BE FULLING VEGAN!! DO IT!! BE A REALLY, REALLY SHITY VEGAN!! WHO CARES! I didn’t become Vegan by removing anything from my diet! I became a vegan by eating and loving roast vegies (I thought it would be gross… I ate it and fell in love!), vegie sticks and hummus (raw food need shit tones of hummus in the beggining!), a massive amount of fruit salad (its the BEST breaky EVER!!, Dates (natures CANDY), roast potatoe… heaven! Vegie curry with rice. Pesto Pasta! Frozen banana ice-cream! (aka nice-cream) bean taco’s!

    So, EAT “VEGAN” and add BACON! if you like! Be a SHIT-VEGAN!!! Go for it. I dare people to try to eat more vegies both raw and cooked. Challenge your thoughts about vegies. You should eat something GROSS but healthy once a day! AKA a banana, a piece of cold raw fruit, a plain boiled potatoe>>hummus, lemon juice, fresh corn, raw capsium, avocado and salsa to a potatoe… its amazing!! 🙂

  408. Julie Cleaver
    Julie Cleaver at ·

    This piece is hilarious! My personal favourite: “not every girl is jumping out of her elephant pants when the word “cunt” punctuates the end of each sentence.”

  409. Chrissy Wagner
    Chrissy Wagner at ·

    It is interesting to see how many people try to push their own agenda, telling people how to live, in the comments section of an article telling you to do what makes you happy.
    If you want to be a vegetarian, then be one.
    If you want to be vegan, go for it.
    If you believe you are an omnivore and, therefore, were absolutely designed to eat meat, then eat meat. EAT ALL THE MEAT!
    If you want to be Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish, Agnostic, etc
    Gay, straight, bi or transexual
    Fat, skinny
    Lazy or a workaholic
    Stop missing the point of the post and do what makes you happy.

  410. Mikaela na
    Mikaela na at ·

    Only a vegan could turn the comments section of an article about positive body image and acceptance, into an “IM VEGAN AND SUPERIOR U MUST DO THE SAME TOO LISTEN TO EVERYTHING I HAVE TO SAY FROM MY PLACE OF FALSE MORAL HIGH GROUND!!!!”

    And this is coming from a semi vegan, who’s just as annoyed by typical vegan preaching that people who “still love bacon” are.

  411. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    and be a vegetarian

  412. Ramz
    Ramz at ·

    Hey Linda – seems like a few digits missing?

  413. Evelyn W
    Evelyn W at ·

    That was an incredibly entertaining read whilst searching for law internship opportunities in KL to apply for. Would you have done it all over again if you could?

  414. gershee
    gershee at ·

    kickass! next time bring milk to counteract the pepper spray. 😀

  415. Peter Sutherland
    Peter Sutherland at ·

    Great story Nat, particularly descriptive and invoking. Sorry to hear you were in the middle of it literally but good on you for standing up!

  416. alicia
    alicia at ·

    Awesome article, I’ve had very similar experiences (on that train line especially)! So glad I found this website :).

  417. Mandie
    Mandie at ·

    Farmer Alert!!! I raise pigs and have raised chickens. With some luck next year I will also have cows being raised for slaughter. I understand that there is alot of misleading information about the “animal product” industry. But my vegan friends there are alot of things you are unaware of obviously with the vegetable harvesting process. Animals are killed all the time by harvesters collecting your precious vegetables (organic or not if you don’t plant it and pick it animals are probably being killed collecting it and during the storage process to keep your vegetables safe and clean they have traps set out to keep wildlife away from your food. On the cow topic there are many different types of cows but dairy cows are made for producing milk excess milk goes to their calves in some cases and they get a form of formula which they actually love. The cows are happy the calves are happy and both are treated extremely well I would even go as far as to say spoiled. Lets talk pigs now I personally raise pigs for slaughter on my farm and they are spoiled and loved. When they are sent to slaughter they honestly don’t know whats happening. In a large scale pork production company I cant say they are treated the same but they are looked after quite well but they do have small pens. Chickens now, chickens lay eggs no matter what its what a chicken does its not like your stealing babies if you didn’t take the eggs out of the boxes. They would either rot or get eaten please don’t kid yourselves chickens don’t think the eggs are their babies they drop the egg like a poop and then go play with their buddies. Chickens can be kept for long their egg production just goes down as time goes on. Chickens who go to slaughter in a farm setting have no idea whats going on its quick and painless. Also just to let the vegans know “meat” chickens are pretty stupid.
    I get it if your a vegan who is making a political statement against large animal corporations who may not treat their animals as well as a farm but then again you could just eat farm raised meat and eggs.
    So in the end eat farm raised meat and eggs. As human beings we would not be where we are if we hadn’t started eating meat.

    I didn’t write this to be attacked just to add some actual factual information into this thread.

  418. Rob
    Rob at ·

    Marco, there is nothing lower then you!!

  419. Andrea
    Andrea at ·

    Haha- Talon- I was reading all these comments thinking how silly they are and yours Christian comment gave me an LOL moment! Not all Christians force their beliefs on ppl- hope you meet some cool ones in the future! Forcing is never the way to anything good 😉

  420. kjwx
    kjwx at ·

    Do not try this at the Salvos at St Kilda; they do not have a sense of humour.

  421. Listening
    Listening at ·

    Why do so many people just criticize other people’s choices. Thanks for your prospective in the article. I do enjoy meat. I also enjoy veggies, fruit and love hummus. I try to buy products that are from farms that are not using the cruel tactics as well as the pesticides and poisons to control weeds and growth of the produce. Health choices as well as conscious choices. If you don’t want to follow what you have read, don’t. If you want to comment please don’t be rude, or use bully tactics. Don’t we have enough of that already. Other views and alternative thinking is what gave use all the advancements we have today. Not all were great ideas but it took time realize. Smoking, asbestos, lead in paint, PBCs all look pretty good at one time as well. Grow people, honestly you and your children are worth it.

  422. Paul Shanks
    Paul Shanks at ·

    I lived on Maui for many years, and it was truly fantasy island, and I couldnt be happier, and married my student still teaching scuba partime. Many days joining the 2nd atmosphere club, ofcourse it was after the course over.

  423. vual grimoire
    vual grimoire at ·

    Too long. Yes, we get the point. Sarcasm dragged out that long is just dull.

  424. vual grimoire
    vual grimoire at ·

    Tourist twink bullshit. Too bad your cousin has lived there for years and still doesn’t know any of the private clubs with shows actually worth seeing, with actual women on stage, not lobotomized morons.
    Im talking shows that’d have you poor little sheltered girls wringing out your panties and whimpering for lessons. There’s the yob idiot tourist Bkk and then there’s the adult Bkk…

  425. vual grimoire
    vual grimoire at ·

    I think Michael wrote this nonsense and now all the homely cows want his number, so starved they are for an average hand job. Who more pathetic, the women who flap for Michael’s number or the loser guys they know who can’t even give them a hand job. Well, it’s win win for Michael. Except for the fact he has to make living jerking off mutts. Ugh.

  426. vual grimoire
    vual grimoire at ·

    Well, you can always blow your way down the road. $20 goes a long way in some place. I hear swallowers make $25.

  427. vual grimoire
    vual grimoire at ·

    Awesome scam for drawing the ego swollen illiterates. Do “writers” get to blow up some Aussie halfwits as part of the “experience”?

  428. vual grimoire
    vual grimoire at ·

    Stop whining. Australians are genocidal pigs, just like Americans. U both found a land, killed off the inhabitants then set to turning the place into a polluted shit hole. Australia is just America junior with a big stick up their white asses about how great they are.

  429. Colleen Keith
    Colleen Keith at ·

    Where’s Part 2?? 🙂

  430. Stacey
    Stacey at ·

    Cesspit of mediocrity that is the Gold Coast, copywriting gold there Oliver. 🙂

  431. booboobooec
    booboobooec at ·

    So it’s ok to kill a living plant then… hmmm. You should get over yourself already. Yeah, great idea. Stop eating meat so the animal population gets over crowded, and most of them starve to death slowly. Good job! Let them starve to death just because you feel that it is wrong to eat meat. You know we were designed to eat both right?

  432. Chuckle Treats
    Chuckle Treats at ·

    Wanderlust is addictive. Stop preaching.

  433. Megan
    Megan at ·

    You drove all that way and only went to Glass Beach? And then, because you failed to explore the beaches and coves properly, you claim its all a lie and photo-shopped? (lol, its not btw)

    Boy, I’m glad tourists like you don’t stick around. This area was just ranked one of the most beautiful counties in the entire US. If you bothered to drive that crazy windy road down to Fort Bragg, you should have looked up from your garbage hunt in the sand once in a while to appreciate what a beautiful place it is.

  434. Derdre Scott
    Derdre Scott at ·

    Brilliant and raw! True too – thank you for your spin on Wanderlust 🙂

  435. ecwz
    ecwz at ·

    You don’t get it do you?
    Fuck you man that is charity. You’re very low price stupid for doing this.

  436. Julie Cleaver
    Julie Cleaver at ·


  437. Madeleine Dove
    Madeleine Dove at ·

    THANK YOU. I love this article, you’re bang on.
    And, ugh, whats with all the drugged tiger guys!?

  438. Chloe
    Chloe at ·

    You go on about how they are performing a disservice to their community. You on your high horse who has nothing better to do then pummel other peoples dreams and hopes.
    So what may I ask is wrong with believing in something beautiful?
    Why is it a crime to hope to bring something beautiful into this world?
    just because they wish for something doesn’t make them horrible or wasting this life’s ‘gift’.
    How dare you crush someone for no reason other than to feel better about yourself and squander not just their belief but others who feel the same way.
    I believe it is you who is doing this “disservice” to your community.
    All you are doing is sitting there and judging like a coward who doesn’t understand more than God.
    I believe it is you who needs to grow up and leave them be, there is nothing to be ashamed in believing in something more. It is the same as anything and you shouldn’t judge because it makes you worse than them.
    You know what, there could be a whole other world in that ocean but you wouldn’t know it because you are too ignorant and you honestly DON’T know what is out there.
    You say how you are fine to believe in anything but all it seems like is you believe in is yourself and your own theory’s which is the exact same as them, except they don’t crush you for thinking differently.
    everyone has their own opinion but that doesn’t make them better than the other person.
    So I believe it is you who needs to grow up and maybe even let your mind wonder, why wouldn’t you want to believe there is something more beautiful out there?

  439. Nat Kassel
    Nat Kassel at ·

    Makes me miss India so much, the consistent unpredictablility

  440. Kaia Clarke
    Kaia Clarke at ·

    Such a great article…send it to The Australian as a letter to the Editor

  441. Anthony Sherratt
    Anthony Sherratt at ·

    I’m incredibly proud of you Gemma. Journalists shouldn’t wield stereotypes – their lazy reliance on generalisations is not only incredibly inaccurate but all too easily utlised by fear-mongers with agendas. Or even worse by those too lazy to explore issues individually and in context. An individual or family in pain is just that. They shouldn’t be reduced to a label that strips them of their personal story and, in too many cases, rights.

  442. Misha
    Misha at ·

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  443. Julie Cleaver
    Julie Cleaver at ·

    Nice story 🙂

  444. Ben Sardinsky
    Ben Sardinsky at ·

    If you paid for it it’s probably not altruism.

  445. ThosecommentsthoXD
    ThosecommentsthoXD at ·

    You are all so funny 😂

  446. Ben Sardinsky
    Ben Sardinsky at ·

    Fuck yes, over time I’ve come to watch tourists at these attractions more than the attractions themselves, all with the uncomfortable awareness that am still one of them. Usually I just avoid them now.
    Radsauce article,

  447. oliviannmclean
    oliviannmclean at ·


  448. Mardi Elizabeth
    Mardi Elizabeth at ·

    Succinctly said Gemma! Great article. So sad that we Australian media and/or government seems so intent on subtly fostering a collective conscience that believe ‘we’ are better than ‘them’, and like you say, many are in such a sheep-like state that they do not notice the prejudice and carry these mentalities as their own thoughts, without really thinking at all.

  449. Ffion
    Ffion at ·

    Yes! And the over exaggerated Aussie bogan accent that they put on! Just stop, it’s making us look stupid 😫

  450. Lass
    Lass at ·

    having these opinions and swiping pics in tinder do not match in the first place.

  451. Maxwell
    Maxwell at ·

    Wow, what a read!
    A lot of my clients feel a similar sort of awkwardness which is a shame really because the actual massage itself they seem to really enjoy it. It’s just one of those things I guess.

    I think the key is for the woman to know that you’re not a guy who’s sole mission is to give you a quick finger bang! Once it is clear that you are genuine and not a creep you can then relax and enjoy yourself!

  452. Vittoria Triulcio
    Vittoria Triulcio at ·

    Hello, i was just wondering if i could still submit an application? Is there currently any spots still available?

  453. Tia
    Tia at ·

    I really needed to hear this, thank you

  454. Stephanie
    Stephanie at ·

    thank you for this article. so nice to hear that this is a common thing. so so spot on to how i was feeling a few months ago on a long trip in south and central america.

  455. Louise
    Louise at ·

    Recently, my friend and I (both female travellers) had a very similar experience in Manado on the island of Sulawesi. Scary how similar our experience/feelings were! Glad to hear you decided to go elsewhere.

  456. Jess
    Jess at ·

    I travelled to the East coast of Sabah earlier this year (Sandakan and surrounding areas), including a stay on an island off the coast. It was absolutely incredible and a highlight of my 7 month trip, coming face to face with an orangutang on a trek and swimming with sea turtles. I was aware of the security threats and did not take it lightly but, upon arrival, felt safe at all times. The island I stayed on was manned by gunmen security at all times and had had no incidents. Sandakan city itself seemed very safe and is a busy place, full of foreign tourists. I was there for the Australian government’s ANZAC day dawn service along with hundreds of others Aussies. Tourism is a major industry there that is now damaged and it’s a shame that local Malaysians are suffering due to the extremist groups from the Philippines acting in the area. Obviously it’s a serious issue but I just thought I’d share my story to show that everything isn’t always as grizzly as Smarttraveller suggests. Having said that, I agree it’s a good idea to follow your gut and I’m glad it all turned out OK.

  457. Jessica O'Reilly
    Jessica O'Reilly at ·

    This made my skin crawl!

  458. Anon.
    Anon. at ·

    I think you mock the idea of “forging fulfilling friendships through free fornication”, but the reality is that swinging does foster genuine male-female (or same sex) friendships, and it does that without the overhanging threat of flirtation ruining the friendships. I’ll spend the whole night at a swinger’s party talking to a female friend genuinely interested in what she has to say without falsely compliment her or attempting to pick her up, as I already know I’ll be having sex with her later.

  459. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    You think incorrectly. The only mockery here was of myself and how this particular scene wasn’t for me – everything that they told me was taken as truth and backed up by what I saw. Think of this as the swinging scene as seen by an unenlightened, awkward, sexually un-liberated muggle. I found the scene to be truly charming, but just not for me.

  460. Anon.
    Anon. at ·

    My mistake. In that case; nicely put,

  461. Julie Cleaver
    Julie Cleaver at ·

    So much truth. I thought I was the only one who didn’t enjoy travelling, until I realised it was up and down for everyone.

  462. SmellyCat
    SmellyCat at ·

    Chloe are you kidding me? If you believe in mermaids or even think for an instance things of that mythical nature exist you are a dirty rotten moron.

  463. Cameron
    Cameron at ·

    Great article mate, an enjoyable read. Another tip to consider when hitchhiking in the land of USA, is to wear bright colours!

  464. Guest 308
    Guest 308 at ·

    May I know how much he charge?

  465. Christiane Su
    Christiane Su at ·

    Hi Sonya, I opened the blog that you mentioned and emailed him. Cal answered my email and said that he was not in Bali. He was traveling to Raja Ampat. Fortunately, I was planning to go to there too. So, we decided to meet in Sorong city. I had two sessions with him and they were free. He did not charge me any fee because he had other job. I really enjoyed the massage 🙂

  466. anonymous
    anonymous at ·

    I’m currently studying abroad overseas. I always find myself wanting to get away from the group, for the challenge of figuring out things for myself and testing the limits of my language skill. I realised recently that if I mess up or things don’t go to plan, on the vast majority of occasions it will amount to nothing more than a mild inconvenience and something new learned; not the end of the world and nothing to be afraid of. Thank you for writing this.

  467. Kaia
    Kaia at ·

    Wise mother

  468. Natalia
    Natalia at ·

    Very Verrrrrry highly recommended
    He made me experience my dream fantasy
    Excellent massage with 10 fingers & Lost count on how many times I actually came with his 11th finger
    Love the name of the website. Self-explanatory 😉
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    Discounted prices upon completing / filling up the questionnaire via email. FYI, I got 50% off.

  469. Natalia
    Natalia at ·

    Very Veryyyy Recommended
    I had the experience of my Dream Fantasy come true
    Loved the 10 fingers body massage and then when he got to
    the 11th Finger, I really was in another world. Lost count on how many
    times I actually came.
    Name of the website is self-explanatory 😉
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    I have already started planning for my next trip to Bali :p

  470. Anthony Sherratt
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    Hermione, if you ARE reading this write in with the story from your experience. 😉

    Great read Dayna. Look forward to more tales of questionable morals.

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    thanks so much for posting this!

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    Epic read Jenny!

  474. BobbyRocket
    BobbyRocket at ·

    I find this article a complete and utter waste of time. I was drawn to it as I wished to learn and understand the swinging scene, not read of your self mocking self indulgence. Sorry, not my cup of tea. And frankly the only piece of the article that made sense to me is why no one was interested in you.

  475. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    Well Bobby Rocket, believe it or not, but you can learn and understand the swinging scene from sources other than this website, like from within the scene itself, perhaps. I suggest you go and check it out instead of posting up behind your portable and throwing shade bolts at poor young fellas who are just trying to find their place in the sexy world. Maybe write a story about it and we’ll compare notes.

  476. Holly
    Holly at ·

    Looking to see if anyone has heard of Bali Dreamers. Was looking to use him during my stay.

  477. Marge
    Marge at ·

    Hi Natalia! I just have some questions since I’m thinking of going to Bali in a few weeks. How long does the session last? Is there any info on the rates? And is the masseur a local or Caucasian?

  478. Natalia
    Natalia at ·

    Hi Marge & Holly,

    @Marge: Every session lasted a minimum of 2 hours. Regarding charges, it would totally depend on the number of sessions you intend to book and what exactly are you looking for. Send them an email on and describe your expectation/fantasy. The masseur I opted for was mixed-blood. He was really fun & hot too. He delivered beyond what I expected. Trust me you won’t regret! Make sure you’re booked wayyy before your trip. My friend & I planned to spend our new years in Bali but since they’re fully booked, we’re gonna reschedule our next trip in Jan or Feb 😉
    I think more than celebrating new years, it is the massage that is bringing us back to bali.

    @Holly: During my trip, my best friend did use him once. Even she preferred “11 fingers massage” and thanks me for my suggestion till date.

  479. lanky
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    Geez you would have to have a strong stomach to hang around that place!

    Great read mate!

  480. vicky
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    Work on a farm, realise vegans are nothing but extremists, enjoy life, love animals, eat what ever you want!

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    Lol underarm hair is Not considered sexy in France, wtf… Did you went to France in the 70s ????

  483. Lola
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    Haha……well said. 🐛🐌🐭🐭

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    I wonder if cats tell other cats not to eat mice or birds….

  485. Erik
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    Great article – Loved reading it!

  486. Ireth Helyanwe
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    Fuck the vegans, fuck the omnivores.
    Eat whatever the hell you want and quit trying to put down the other people just because you can’t contribute anything good to this article, our eating habits didn’t even need to be brought up? Bloody cretins
    Oh that makes me a hypocrite.

  487. Steph
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    OMFG – I cannot believe the crap in these comments. Look after your own life and stop trying to tell other people how to live theirs.

  488. Beth
    Beth at ·

    This has nothing at all to do with the article written. It was touching and inspiring and yet is just used as a platform to spread an entirely unrelated message.

  489. Augustus Buchanan (@watsoniabell)
    Augustus Buchanan (@watsoniabell) at ·

    *A lover. Not lovers, you whore.

  490. Jake
    Jake at ·

    State your sources you ignorant small minded person. I raise poultry, beef cattle, as well as grow soybeans, corn, and wheat. In no such ways that you just lied about happens on my farm! Our female cows live to be 12-17 years of age, get fed nothing but the best high quality hay and ground feed for easy digestion. And these 2 year old chickens, what are you talking about?! 5-7 years is the average life of ours on the farm. What exactly do you bring to the table as a human being? I work 60-90 hour weeks every week Sunday through Sunday. I farm because not only do I continue the 5 generations of the agricultural lifestyle my family has instilled in me, i also feel like I make a difference in the world and am proud of the products that I bring to the not only the United States but as well as into the foreign market as well. So next time you decide to just say “be vegan” think about what impact your uneducated self does for others.

  491. lisa
    lisa at ·

    I don’t know how this post was hijacked by vegans , but it does remind me of a joke.

    How do you know if someone is a vegan?
    Don’t worry , they will fucking tell you.

    The rings around the long necked women are a form of wife control. The neck muscles grow weak and if they are taken off, you suffocate and die. So best obey your husband because he can take them off. Bit surprised none of the compassionate vegans didn’t know or comment on this.

    As for the article, it was a bit jujune but okay. All body types have a fan base, you just need to find yours. Really, your target audience is yourself and an adorer. One is plenty if it’s the right one.


  492. john fakenamesmith
    john fakenamesmith at ·

    This is such bullshit. It is not sexy to have underarm hair in France. What a stupid uninformed generalization.
    Please do your research next time.

  493. john fakenamesmith
    john fakenamesmith at ·

    I am French and live in France. I dont know of anyone who prefers armpit hair, idiot.

  494. Emma
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    Your writing is amazing

  495. Searle
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    Hi Gemma, I just found this post and am curious if you’re still accepting applications for the 2016 programs? I just finished a degree in creative writing and this is exactly the kind of thing I need to do. Thank you!

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    You’re offensive to everyone’s vagina.

  497. raynarrogers
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    That’s all you got from this article? You’re looking so far past the mark, you’ll never see it.

  498. julius scissors
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    While I agree on the point of this article id like to express what i thnk might need addressing in what seems to be the understanding by most i converse with;is that we need to forget bad focus on good. now this can only be determined as narcism. We forget that while we can’t help all the grumpy bums with white privilege and/or class and stature. but there are millions needing support from our fellow brethren. may I ask that these writings be extended to accompany generosity to others as healthy practice. thankfulness in return or reflection if the inclusion of “the mirror” understanding is brought in to the topic, would lead away from narcism.

  499. Julie Cleaver
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    Bloody brilliant!

  500. Hilary Ladd
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    Thanks Jules!

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    Amy you are a fucking idiot and have no idea about the real world !

  502. Erin
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    Finally an intelligent comment! A massive vegans vs omnivores debate has detracted from the original message. That is: love yourself as you are! Thanks for this comment Beth!

  503. As above
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    I was just thinking the same ha,ha! Thought Iid gone into some sort of time warp or something til your calm and rational post came up.. Thanks🙂

  504. Julie Cleaver
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    Hahahahah sounds like a nightmare!

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    Is it okay if you’re older, late 30s?

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    You are a idiot, that is all😂

  507. Gaby
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    Hi Gemma I just sent my application for the June 2016 dates are you still taking applicants?? Thanks! 🙂

  508. Felix
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    Not if you buy from LOCAL farmers with loved animals. I know the faces of my food. Do you?

  509. Deb
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  510. Tyler
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    Have you even seen Fight Club?

  511. liz
    liz at ·

    Not half of chickens hatched are males if you put the eggs in a certain degrees they will be ether all male or all female. It depends what temp the incubator is set at, hatcheries set the temp so they all end up females. Well good hatcheries anyway. Learn some more about agriculture or science

  512. rick
    rick at ·

    Do you know that all the food you eat be it vegetables fruit or nut are all harvested and cook whilst it is still alive at least those thay eat meat kill theor food first. Just because plants do not communicate in a frequency which we can understand doesmt mean they dont feel pain. Ever considered that mind explosion???

  513. Kyssu
    Kyssu at ·

    Just to put it out there that veganism may help develop more senses that you could never have imagined. It is not a war between who eats what or who, the choice is yours.. just some share their knowledge while they care about you. Not everything is a war. Live in Peace.

  514. Jm35
    Jm35 at ·

    Being vegan might look the best bad option.
    Agreeing with you that what we do with animals is terrible…being vegan is simply against our nature .
    But the biggest problem we have witj that option is that with the amount of people we are on earth creates such a demand, that thousands of square miles of forests and jungles are eliminated daily to adjust to that new merket.

    Sadly, the solution for the problem about what we should eat , doesnt pass through changing our feeding habits, passes through population control.

    With that said,
    The industrialism that the market has created to feed us and is lack of empathy with other beings using them for our own selfish habits… is simply disgusting.

  515. Bob
    Bob at ·

    Did you know that bananas trees are all clones of each other? Because they are made sterile just so they are better eating? This leaves their whole species vunerable to extinction through a lack of variation in disease resistance.

    Banana tress are left in fields with their identical siblings until the day they die, while we harvest their infertile ovaries to eat. When they are old or new banana trees are required, parts of the tree are hacked off in order to create new clones. You guys all saying “is all life not important?”, yet you support the unnatural mutilation of a harmless tree which can no longer propagate on it’s own due to human farming practices.

  516. Bob
    Bob at ·

    The problem with that is, sentience is not a well defined term. Furthermore, the properties usually assigned to the term ‘sentient’ are not proven to exist in farm animals nor are they proven not to exist in plants.

  517. Lala
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    What is a box gap? Sounds dirty.

  518. Pete
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    Could you please put up a link or contact details for the farm? I would love to investigate this place for my sister…

  519. AgProud
    AgProud at ·

    Liz, the sex of chickens is genetically determined not environmentally. If you changed the hatching temperature it wouldn’t produce all one gender but it would produce fewer viable chicks. Turtles and many other reptiles however, are a different story. As an agriculture student I would suggest being careful with your judgement.

  520. David
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    So glad I packed my weed

  521. Ronnie
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    Gemma Clarke, would you marry me?

  522. Jessica O'Reilly
    Jessica O'Reilly at ·

    Reminded me of this really nice initiative in Bali to get rid of plastic bags:

    Bye Bye Plastic Bags (BBPB) is a social initiative, driven by children, to stop the use of plastic bags on Bali. Three years ago Isabel (then 9) and Melati (then 11) decided to do something about all the rubbish, especially plastic bags, choking Bali’s fragile ecosystems. What started as on online petition has now developed into a successful volunteer-driven campaign to clean up the island and empower young people in Indonesia.!bali/c1qwm

  523. terry
    terry at ·

    Can’t wait to celebrate Australia Day in Melbourne with my southern-cross boardies this January 26, even better knowing it annoys the hobos. ‘Straya mate!

    But seriously, your description of hobo life doesn’t sound enticing at all. It is dissapointing to realise that its a joke for so many to Bludge off centrelink payments which just burdens taxpayers.

    Very Sad

  524. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    “Buddha” is Pali, or old Sanskrit, for enlightened one, as such there are many buddhas, according to that canon. The whole concept is a practical diversion from the reality of life, one that allows us to happily procreate while diverted from the scientific and evolutionary fact that that’s what we were put here for.

    It’s cute that you think you’re time here is more important than that

  525. dogymhoGodfrey
    dogymhoGodfrey at ·

    After reading both posts I have to agree with Gravy. Life on earth has evolved on earth in the last 4.5 billion years. An incomprehensible amount of time, during which the changing environment has forced DNA to change to be polished and survive. Yes, at this moment in time Humans have emerged as the survival of the fittest, but this is only temporary. What will the earth look like 0.01% further in our future (a mere 1 million years) is anybody’s guess. Do we really believe that the rest of the universe cares whether we survive as a species, or if our planet earth dies. Knowing that there are 200 billion other galaxies out there the answer is a big NO. If a god existed he probably wouldn’t care either with so many other worlds containing life to worry about. And that’s not even considering the endless amount of multiverses that are out there. Perhaps in 200 years we will be looking back at humanities history the same way we look back at the poor souls who thought the world was flat. By then we might be half human half machine, and read my lips, no god will stop this development!! But then our DNA pre dispositions us to be religious because religious people survive better during hard times, so who knows. The evidence for no God is overwhelming, The point is; whether God exists or not should not affect the fulfilment you find in your life today. God wouldn’t want it that way!!

  526. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    I like the way you think because it’s the way I think. If you’re interested in instigating a circle jerk, I’m right here

  527. VegoBeno
    VegoBeno at ·

    In defense of dogs, can’t kev some real meat?

    I’m feel much closer to the mindset of this article. I found Gravy’s rather pessimistic. I am inclined to agree with Gravy that human beings – as a species, have created civilization with procreation in mind. As a person, I don’t feel I exist in order to serve my species.

  528. AnimalEater
    AnimalEater at ·

    Fuck vegans! 😈

  529. Julie
    Julie at ·

    Um that is false

  530. SilverMedal
    SilverMedal at ·

    “Surround yourself with people who lift you up, who inspire you as a person and make your heart feel full.”
    (not you)

  531. ranger11bv
    ranger11bv at ·

    Vegan Diet Danger #1: Historically, there are no cultures that have thrived by subsisting off of animal free diets.

    Gleaning dietary wisdom from those who have come before you is one of the best ways to learn about health. Along with that goes eating foods that people have been consuming for generations. Check out this book to learn more about Dr. Weston Price, a dentist who traveled the world to study the dietary behaviors and consequences of various dietary practices. Dr. Price made the ground-breaking discovery about the link between a diet low in animal foods (thus low fat soluble vitamins) and tooth decay.
    Vegan Diet Danger #2: People often come to vegan diets because they have trouble digesting meat and dairy products like fatigue, inflammation, acne, bloating, weight gain, and other symptoms.

    Intolerance to certain foods does not mean there is a problem with the that particular food group per say- but indicates imbalance within the body causing weaker digestive function (such as slowed metabolism & sluggish thyroid function). Some people tend to gravitate toward a vegan diet because the included foods are “easier” to digest due to poor digestive juices. Eliminating these “problematic foods” completely and permanently only avoids the problem, instead of getting at the root issue; working to re-balance the body to regain tolerance of a wide variety of foods.
    Vegan Diet Danger #3: The best diets are those with the greatest variety of nutrients and without dietary limitations.

    Blacklisting certain food groups interferes with your body’s communication system causing you to ignore your body’s cravings by placing certain types of food off-limits. “Any craving is a good starting point, because we have several biological mechanisms for correcting specific nutritional deficiencies.” -Ray Peat, PhD.
    Vegan Diet Danger #4: Vegan diets tend to be low in high quality protein.

    Did you know that there is a big difference in the protein quality of animals vs. plants? According to Dr. Ray Peat, PhD, “One thing that happens in the vegetable diet, heavily based on [the] cabbage family, or beans, lentils and nuts, these proteins, in quality, rank about 15 times lower than the highest quality protein. And so even though a person might think they’re eating nothing but protein rich foods, beans and nuts, their quality is so low that their liver simply can’t respond to the thyroid.”

    To counterbalance this, processed plant proteins (protein powders and meat substitutes) are commonplace; further contributing nutritional deficiencies. According to this recent study, vegans and vegetarians also have lower sperm count and mobility!
    Vegan Diet Danger #5 Low protein diets can increase toxicity.

    Phase 2 liver detoxification is driven by amino acids (the building blocks of proteins). Long-term vegan diets tend to impair liver detoxification pathways leading to toxicity. According to Dr. Ray Peat, PhD, “Protein deficiency itself contributes to the harm done by toxins, since the liver’s ability to detoxify them depends on adequate nutrition, especially good protein.”.
    Vegan Diet Danger #6 Plant based diets can decrease digestive juices.

    Protein stimulates the production of HCL (hydrochloric acid) in your stomach to break down proteins. Proper digestion begins with strong stomach acid production that sets the stage for the pH driven digestive process. Without regular and healthy stimulation of digestive juices, digestion weakens and fewer nutrients are able to be absorbed.
    Vegan Diet Danger #7: Dietary dogma that if it’s not working for you, you’re doing it “wrong.”

    Immersion in any dietary paradigm can be very powerful, and the vegan community is no exception. A 10 year vegan shares her story:

    I remember over the years when people would go vegan and then stop because they didn’t feel well on it, I used to think to myself, “Well, they’re simply not doing it right.” Some people complained of lack of libido, lack of iron, lack of energy, etc. I now realize, quite humbled, that many of those problems may have been valid, even if they were doing a vegan diet “right.” Perhaps it took longer for the vegan diet to take a toll on my health than others. More likely I just couldn’t admit it to myself because my beliefs were so strong, constantly reaffirmed by my full-time immersion in the understandably self-reinforcing vegan culture. –Kristen of Kristen’s Raw

    Vegan Diet Danger #8: Because of the body’s ability to adapt to any type of fuel (for survival), it often takes time to see negative effects of this way of eating.

    Due to the body’s incredible ability to adapt, the decline of health due to a vegan diet is often slow and gradual. This can make it very difficult to detect. At first you may not notice the lack of fat soluble nutrients you’re getting (particularly retinol, K2) and that a protein deficiency is hurting your health. Because your body will first exhaust your “nutritional bank account“, it may be many months or years till nutrient deficiencies cause impaired detoxification, thyroid issues, and/or hormonal imbalance.
    Vegan Diet Danger #9: Vegan dieters can favor soy products.

    Since protein is scarce when you avoid animal products, soy products like edamame, tofu, soy protein powder & tempeh are often dietary staples. The reality is that soy protein is very difficult to digest, thyroid suppressive and estrogenic due to phytoestrogens. It also contains high levels of phytic acid that cause less assimilation of nutrients, as well as contain trypsin inhibitors that can interfere with digestion.
    Vegan Diet Danger #10: Vegan diets can be heavy in nut consumption.

    In an effort to increase dietary protein and calories, nuts are often adopted to form a more significant part of the diet. But there are major downfalls to heavy nut consumption. Nuts are very hard to break down, especially for those with low stomach acid. They are also very high in polyunsaturated fats, contain enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid that block absorption of minerals.

  532. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    For which greater purpose could you possibly exist?

  533. Johnny K
    Johnny K at ·

    Wastelands planet wide. Makes you wonder about archeological digs of the future and conclusions hence drawn about our times. We will all be seen as fools .

  534. Angel Ramsey
    Angel Ramsey at ·

    Hello and happy new year! I recently applied for this opportunity and was wondering if you reply to all applicants or just notify the ones accepted? Anything to ease my anxious heart would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  535. jesse003
    jesse003 at ·

    omfg god, go f off and die vegan b!tch – stop pushing your stupid ideas on ppl. This is why the WORLD HATES MOST VEGANS, bc they wont shut the FKKK UP

  536. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at ·

    I’m not a healthnut or anything, but humans are by their very nature carnivours. It is unnatrul to be vegan or vegetarian. I say do whichever you like, doesn’t matter. But dont kid yourself. Its not for health benefits. Also, buying local solves the inhumane and animal cruelty treatment. the health benefits are slim, not to mention all the different ways you have to substitute the substance, vitamins, and health benefits of meat when cutting meat out. Honestly, as people get older you can see the malnourished affects on many who are vegan and vegetarian. But the same argument can be said about obesity in regard to meat, as well with cholesterol ect. We should be buying local meat fruit and veggies. Knowing all animals and plants have been treated and raised well, with no hormones…and do everything in moderation

  537. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at ·

    Additionally many use the explanation of being closer to nature with these diets which could not be bigger fundamental contradiction to the reality. So vegan and vegetarian not healthy, doing it for nature and mother earth? I think it’s more like you are sitting at the dinner table refusing to eat what your mother has prepared… Picky eaters, not fun!

  538. Ronnie
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    if you love cats, how about we get married this Saturday at Lentil Abbotsford 4:42pm ?

  539. Vicky
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    I was in Singapore and had a wonderful experience with Michael, he was amazing! All round body massage included, with a great ending. I was thoroughly relaxed. Cute smile and butt too! He has Whatsapp or SMS at +65 81824137.

  540. Ronnie
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    This is why I fell in love with you Gemma 🙂

  541. Samantha Polzin
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    Hi Gemma,

    I’m hoping to send my application in this coming week. Is there a specific deadline for applications regarding the June 2016 opportunity?

    Thanks so much!


  542. Samantha Polzin
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    Hi Gemma,

    Thanks so much!

    I just sent over my application via email!

    Hope you had a great weekend.


  543. Godfrey Dol
    Godfrey Dol at ·

    Hi Gemma,
    I came upon the Global Hobo site through my son Quinten who is cycling from Canada to Argentina and also writes for them. I have come upon your contributions and read a few of them. The reason I’m writing you is because I wanted to compliment you on your combined ability of observing and expressing events in your life. In particular reflections on foresight took me back to my travelling, pre marriage/family days, when I wondered whether I was the only one looking at the world this way. I thank you for reminding me who I was back then and just wanted to share a little of my experience about this subject. I have been fortunate enough to recognise a few life changing experiences, but they are almost always overshadowed with “what’s next” because you don’t know what this change will bring along. Like having a son was a life changing experience but it was overthrown by worry and care about how he would turn out. Which leads me to the true meaning of these events, many of which the importance only expresses itself later in life. The mere fact that you ask yourself; “what does this mean”, represents an intelligence and ambition that will put you on a road to achieving many goals in your life. I find that achievement of the goals do not bring you closure, but spark interest in new area’s that you now think may be achievable. They become little resting points on the way to where ever the destination may be, leading to the old cliché that it is not the destination, but the road you travel and maybe more importantly, how you travel that road.

    Thanking you

    Regards Godfrey

  544. marianne
    marianne at ·

    hi Vicky.. may I ask if michael was Singaporean?

  545. jenriversrun
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    Who is this brilliant writer? Where can I read more of her work?

  546. Taylor
    Taylor at ·

    Aaaaaand chopping his balls off did absolutely nothing to change his behavior. Don’t believe me? Ask the slowly healing wound on my nose from his most recent assault. Little bastard.

    Intern, round 2.

  547. Mt. Everest News (@nepalplanettrek)
    Mt. Everest News (@nepalplanettrek) at ·

    If you’re in Nepal and have 2 weeks to spare then you need to go Everest Base Camp. You will feel a great sense of achievement and you will experience the best views in the world.
    We booked our trip with Plan Holidays, Kathmandu. We booked it there instead of from home as the savings were astronomical. The owner, Sanjib, arranged a 3 week tour of Nepal with all accommodation, travel, guides, porters, flights to Lukla, most of your food requirements for under a $1093 USD per person.
    We trekked for 2 weeks up the ever popular base camp route with a guide, Bhisnu and a porter, Raj Nepal, who carried circa 25kg everyday of our luggage from his forehead. It was hard going but well worth it.

    Visited 2016

  548. Alexa
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    Hey gem! When’s deadline for November term? Either way I’ll get it in asap

  549. Iain Mckelvey
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    Hey There! Is there still space for the June/July term? And do the writing samples need to be published works, how many samples would you prefer? Thanks a lot

  550. Dilara
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    Hi! On Facebook the deadline is Sunday 31 Jan, what time zone is that by? It’s almost midnight for me already! (NZST) Cheers! Dilara

  551. Casey
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    Only saw this rad opportunity today! Spent the last few hours madly writing and compiling some of my writing samples. So glad I was able to stumble across this gem of an internship and make the deadline 🙂 Wanted to echo Angel, do we get confirmation emails for our app? Thanks!

  552. SCROLF
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    Hey, thanks for the Esther tip. We just booked our ride for tomorrow.

  553. Stacey
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    Not sure if this is a silly question but is the water warm?

  554. Suzy
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    Is the walk long or really difficult? I’ve recently had surgery and need to use a crutch. I’m fairly able but anything to arduous could be an issue, this looks worth the effort tho!

  555. Maria O Donovan
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    Hi Justin,

    Im curious to hear your experiences if you have since taken part in a retreat? I too am seeking a safe and affordable ayahuasca retreat to overcome lifelong anxiety/depression. I’d love to know how you got on if you have since returned 🙂

    Love Maria

  556. Aneet
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    What’s Michael’s website?

  557. pvescio2013
    pvescio2013 at ·

    Matty Munson – I don’t know what specie of friends you have or what traumatizing experience you have encountered in the past. I don’t see a separation of race and class like you have stated towards the end of this invalid article. I was a private school wanker and I’m wog and I’m from the Northern Beaches and now live in Newtown. I still “party” in Manly, (Oh how disgraceful) oh wait, three quarters of the northern beaches are wog (Disgusting!). You would be surprised to know that my friends and relatives still cross the bridge to “party”. I know people from all ends of Sydney and are from all backgrounds. Next time you write another first year university media type essay, you might want to back it up with legitimate evidence. The point is, the lockout laws have nothing to do with race or class, its about dick heads who want to be the next big UFC Fighter that can take as many drugs as possible and washed down with more alcohol than they think they can.

  558. Wendy
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    I met a guy called Rain in Singapore he serve me well and end of the day with a happy ending, text him 81222228.

  559. Nat Kassel
    Nat Kassel at ·

    Matty Munson is the photographer, the author’s name is Gravy.

  560. Gravy
    Gravy at ·

    Hi, Matty Munson here.

    I’m not really sure what your beef is, but maybe if you reread it as satire you might not be so upset by my first-year uni flow. Peas get degrees!

  561. anne
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    Such an interesting topic. I also wrote a small piece on the subject Tourist – traveller, what are you..

  562. Julie Cleaver
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    Cool read! 🙂

  563. Julie Cleaver
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    Love this!

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    What a kickass opportunity! What’s the deadline for this? I’d love to apply for the August slot.

  565. Niki
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    “Keep safe! Be careful in there – you’re not drunk or tall enough = Best bit of the article as I am also very short!

  566. Trish Ann Smith
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    Omg do the police really let this happen when us quiet little towns get hammered, when we don’t have any trouble,sounds like double standards me. R they getting back handers

  567. Erica Smith
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    Beautiful emily and what a powerful memory brought a tear to my eye.

  568. Wendy
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    Wonderful x

  569. Thane McRae
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    That Rumi quote struck a chord in me.

  570. Pauline
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  573. Anabelle
    Anabelle at ·

    This is one of the saddest things I’ve read. My heart goes out to you Anna. I lost the man I loved in a similar situation (a motorbike crash in Vietnam) but I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to have to grieve in secret and then have his child paraded in front of you as you watch helpless, guilty and sad. Hope getting this story out goes some way to help with the healing.

  574. Emilie
    Emilie at ·

    Last year i was told that i’m bipolar, needed meds and the most structured and routine life as possible just to control myself.

    I went to India instead. Life has never felt better.

    This post really hit home baby doll. You’re amazing. Thank you x

  575. carichic
    carichic at ·

    such an inspiring story and journey! would you be open to sharing where you traveled in Bali? I am looking to create a similar healing trip experience and would so appreciate any recommendations you might have <3

  576. A Journey Through Islamic China – Frances Vinall | Journalist

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    What I’m trying to say is do what you want to do, tidy up and organise your life, but get yourself a break and smash it whenever it gets boring. I get bored easily, quickly, and changing what I do (switching good-bad habits) make me feel good about myself and satisfied. I’m like a party-pig disguised in a tuxedo.

    That way, I feel like my life’s on balance. Like the scale of good and evil. And that’s okay because life is like a piano, we need black and white to make our own symphony of our life.

    Your article helped me too. Thank you. Maybe see you in Revolver one day!

  581. Borja
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    After researching for hours for what spots check out in my upcoming trip to Japan, this article is the first to get me seriously excited. I was worried about I was gonna get there and be overwhelmed by a tourism hype which was going to burn my pocket. I now know its not gonna be just another insta-trips at all the go-to sites. Thank you for this, and keep it going with other places!!!

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  609. H A
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    I used to share this idiotic way of thinking. Until i spent enough time there to learn their language and personally get to know girls that previously worked at bars. Here is where things get shitty; When you are old enough to earn your own money, you are supposed to take care of your parents financially. These bargirls come from poor farmer/village backgrounds. They don’t want to do the disgusting shit you make them do, they don’t want to have sex with a man 40 years older than them. Very few of them watch porn and the little of it they got there is as casual as it gets..

    One night stands are far from normal, as compared to Europe.
    The reason they are there in the first place is either because they really really need to take care of their poor family / children / grandparents. And/or because they want to find a good hearted European man who can take care of her financially.

    Being nice to everyone is their culture, they don’t love you just because they give you attention and a smile.. These bargirls will lie with all their heart if they can get money from you.

    Yes, thai girls in general are attracted to white, tall, blonde and light brown haired people. But, they want Europeans that are young and handsome, not someone who is fat with bad skin. They don’t send nudes unless you are their boyfriend. They hate when people are rude and use alot of swear words. As 90% of them are religious, Yes even the bargirls are still religious.

    They are far from the same as your stereotypical European hooker. Remember that.

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  612. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    Yes, the car park is fine for large vehicles.
    The rocky walk is fine, there is kind of a sandy walk path weaving it’s way down. The walk is only about 50meters from Carpark.

  613. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    This guys writing is pompous as hell. It’s so hard to get though. Mateeee!

  614. Anonymous
    Anonymous at ·

    Yeah I’m surprised they managed to type the article out with their head so far up their ass 🙂

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    All aboard, sweeties…….

  619. princesss123
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    Is there one or several Micheals out there?

  620. Anonymous
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    Is it the same Micheal or are there a few of them with the same name?

  621. Anonymous
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    Obviously betrothed to the homogenous Australian wing of vice style writing.a dull an very predictable piece.

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