Welcome to the islands of friendly faces, crystal clear waters, world-renowned surf breaks and fresh coconuts. Where the Mahi Mahi fish mate for life and the local inhabitants have been known to eat people until the mid-60s.

The country is proud of their ‘Fiji Time’, which basically translates to “relax, highly-strung, stressed Westerner. Don’t expect anything to be done on time.” What’s the rush? Your main worries here will consist of swell size, how cold the beers are and if you will get sunburnt lying in a hammock for hours on end.

Fiji is made up of 322 islands, 106 inhabited and the rest virtually untouched. Most tourists fly into Nadi (Nan-di) on the mainland of Viti Levu. There are a few backpackers and seedy clubs in Nadi, but heading out to the coast, inland to the lush jungle, or taking a boat to the outer islands is a must. Denarau is the main marina thirty minutes from the airport, and ferries depart frequently to outer islands. You can jump on a ferry for a minimum $30, depending where you’re going (water taxis are much dearer). Don’t make the mistake of booking a hotel package in Denarau. The hotels are on a black sandy beach in a security compound and full of sunburnt Australian and New Zealand families who never leave the resorts.

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