Port Townsend

This sleepy little seaside town is right out on the Northern Washington Peninsula. Port Townsend’s historic center dates back to the 1800s, and every Victorian building is perfectly intact. The traditional and most extravagant of the American seaside homes are scattered on the hill overlooking the bay, as in the old days, gentlemen would keep their “uptown” women away from the dirty fishermen, prostitutes, bars and us hobos down on the water.

Ancient jetties fall apart over the pebbled beaches and emerald water beneath and enormous seagulls squawk and lap with the tides. Across the sound, bursting out from above the clouds are dramatic views of Washington’s Mt. Baker and the Canadian mountains ranges, covered with snow. Watch out for wild reindeer chilling in the yards and on the streets, or take a walk along the beach that stretches out to an inlet, home to an old lighthouse, and look out for otters floating just off shore.

The locals are incredibly friendly and will proudly inform you of anything you would want to know about their little historic village.

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