Whistler is a vibrant and picturesque little village tucked away in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. A scenic two-hour bus trip north from Vancouver through high peaks and wide lakes will set you back an easy $20. Home to two mountains side by side offering over 200 runs, 16 alpine bowls, three glaciers and 8,171 acres of terrain, Whistler is like no other ski resort. It’s no wonder millions of snow bum Aussies (rough estimate) make a pilgrimage there each winter.

The village itself is best described as a real-life snow globe. As it’s pedestrian only, everything is accessible by a little paved stroll past hundreds of stores, restaurants, bars and clubs. Summer in Whistler is even more popular than a snow season, with endless activities on offer like hiking up beautiful trails, mountain bike riding the rocky ski runs, kayaking, white water rafting and many more. Or if you’re into activities a little more relaxed, floating downstream on a lilo with beer in hand may be more your thang.

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