Nestled between valleys and rolling hills, tucked into Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Province near the Myanmar border, lies a sleepy little town by the name of Pai. This chilled little haven sprawls along the Pai River and is home to the hippiest of hippies, the artiest of artists and the funkiest of travellers. It’s hard to tell whether everyone is high or just incredibly laid back. The vibes are wonderful, the sun is warm and the weed is pure. The few main streets are scattered with yoga classes, massage rooms, local restaurants and a few funky bars. Every night the main street sets up market stalls and sells your classic traveller attire, beautiful jewelry and handmade crafts. There are temples perched on top of hills and waterfalls with natural slides and pools just a windy road away. Local ladies offer opium like it’s bottled water as you ride past open fields. The Pai sunsets are not to be missed; orange light fills the sky over the mountains and nearby bungalows.

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