Praia do Tofo

Praia do Tofo, or Tofo, consists of a small village with guesthouses dotted north and south of the town. The beach stretches for kilometres and the whole place is a haven for divers, surfers, kitesurfers and people who like to look at the beach while they drink.

A trip here is very much what you make of it. The waters off Tofo are some of the best places in the world to see manta rays and whale sharks, though both can be very evasive. There’s also some impressive deep water reefs and a few dive schools if that’s more your thing. Barra Beach and Turtle Cove are great for surfing and there’s shops that sell and hire gear dotted through the town. If you’re into kitesurfing or windsurfing, you’re slightly less fortunately, you’ll need your own gear but the winds are pretty consistent. And, of course, if you like your days to be a little less active, the beach is perfect for a stroll and a swim, and the village has a small tourist market.

Most hostels have restaurants attached, all pretty decently priced, but the Tofo Bakery, which incidentally doesn’t really seem to sell bread, serves up some amazing food. If you head there in the morning and ask for lobster or crayfish, or even bunnychow, Blessing and his colleagues will do their best to make it happen. Blessing’s bunnychow is the single best thing I’ve ever eaten, it’s basically a loaf of bread that’s been hollowed out and filled with curry. Delicious.

The town itself is pretty safe, but there have been a few incidents in the past involving people walking through the village at night. Avoid it if you can or tag along with a group. Watch out for the dogs, especially on the beach – some have nasty tempers.

The town is a 6/8/10 hour bus trip from the capital of Maputo. The roads are shocking and the buses only leave when they’re full, so don’t plan on a speedy trip.

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