HO·​BO (noun): An itinerant or migratory worker; one who wanders from place to place and lives a life on the road.

Global Hobo was born as a passion project in 2013 from empty pockets, open minds and permanently itchy feet. We consider ourselves the definitive hub for world-savvy dirtbags who steer clear of the beaten path. Our ethos is a collage of conscious travel, frugality, liberation, social commentary and cultural relativism. We strive to build an accessible community around storytelling and provide a space for writers to share original views on destinations, experiences and social trends. Our aim is to open readers’ minds to fresh perspectives and show them new parts of the world whilst having a good laugh at ourselves and each other.

In a world chock-full of branded content, we are fiercely independent, self-funding as best we can and proudly paying all our contributors. We are committed to supporting diversity in the work we publish, we believe in open borders, and we stand for humanity, equal opportunity and social justice.

Not everyone has the privilege of travelling for pleasure; not everyone is on the road by choice. Right now, more than 70 million of our fellow humans have been forcibly displaced from the countries they once called home because of persecution, conflict, violence and human rights abuses. Accordingly, since last year, part of our profits have been funding independent coverage of the European refugee crisis from the ground in Greece.

In 2019, this involved sending a journalist to a refugee camp on the island of Chios, where she wrote about life in Vial, EU and Greek government corruption and the criminalisation of aid and voluntary assistance. Once international borders open, in collaboration with the lens and music of Solo Symphonic, we will be sending a small documentary crew to Athens to shift the debate away from dehumanising statistics and tell the stories of some of those who continue to be affected by their displacement.

For more information about how you can help or get involved, email hello@globalhobo.com.au.

Global Hobo is run by a team of writers who mostly live and work on Bundjalung land in the Byron Shire. We would like to acknowledge, pay our respects and give thanks to the Arakwal people, the Widjabal people and the Minjungbal people of the Bundjalung nation: the traditional and ongoing custodians of the land. We pay respect to their elders past, present and emerging, and acknowledge that their land was stolen, and never ceded. We also acknowledge that First-Nations people in Australia continue to suffer from colonialism, and that all settlers in Australia continue to benefit from this oppressive system.

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