Byron Bay: Tehuti Falls

Byron Bay: Tehuti Falls

We’re kind of violating the Byron shire’s notorious LoCaL’s oNLy attitude by sharing this secret spot, but frankly, we don’t really have time for it unless the local in question is First Nations. Even so, the use of this ridiculously pretty waterfall is an enormous privilege, so if you’re going to go and spend the day there, don’t be dickhead.

Located 15 minutes out of The Channon, with its funky once-a-month Sunday market, Tehuti Falls is a Jurassic wonderland where you can waterfall bathe, rock dive, wild swim and fossick for gems. To get here, meander slowly down Terania Creek Road as it changes from sealed to unsealed. On a slight bend, geotagged here, park your car neatly and look for the chink in the forest that indicates the path.

Walk downhill along the gentle slope for maybe 80 minutes, and you’ll arrive in literal paradise. The first falls you see are the broadest and most spectacular, but a mosey in either direction will reveal more creeks and pools.

This trip can be combined with a short bushwalk to Protestor’s Falls at the end of the road — another breathtaking piece of nature. Take note,  though, that you absolutely cannot swim at Protestor’s nor any of the creeks adjacent to it, because the extremely endangered Fleay’s barred frog lives there and we don’t want to fuck with its habitat.

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