The Japanese Government Is Going To Subsidise Your Next Trip to Japan

The Japanese Government Is Going To Subsidise Your Next Trip to Japan

Here at Global Hobo, Japan has been one of our favourite places in the universe for quite some time. It’s the steamy solidarity of soaking your bones in an onsen with wrinkled strangers, the runniness of the ramen egg yolk you devour in a smoky den, the silhouette of Mt Fuji as you rush past on a bullet train tucking into a sushi lunch and the flakes of snow that land on your tongue when you ski down a slope dotted with pine.

In winter and summer alike, we run workshops amongst the blinking lights of Tokyo and the lush mountains of Hakuba. Although those plans have been put on hold for a little while, we’re champing at the bit to return to the Land of the Rising Sun, and the latest news from Japan’s tourism board has us shivering with excitement.

In the wake of the Italian island of Sicily offering to pay half of future guests’ flight expenses, plus one in three nights of accommodation for each visitor, Japan has announced it too be subsidising your next trip to Japan. In a news conference last week, Hiroshi Tabata from Japan’s Tourism Agency announced that $12.5 billion USD will be allocated to a new reimbursement program for visitors when borders reopen.

This comes as very welcome news considering we’ve just locked down accommodation in Tokyo and Hakuba for 28 aspiring pen wizards to join us for a month on the road in June/July next year – dates which correspond quite nicely with the rescheduled Olympics.

Over the course of four weeks, you and a team of other budding creatives will be attending daily journalism workshops taught by passionate freelancers, where you’ll refine your writing skills, learn how to pitch and get published. In your free time, you’ll be singing your heart out at karaoke, slurping udon in tiny eateries and losing yourself in Japan’s winding alleys and amongst its unique nature.

Though clear details are not yet in place yet about how exactly this wonderful scheme will operate, we’re patiently awaiting more announcements. Obviously there are travel restrictions in place in Japan (as well as the two-week quarantine period for travellers returning to Australia), but keep an eye on our socials for how you can make this scheme work for you so that you too can join us in Tokyo and Hakuba next year!

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