Bali is a Dangerous Place...

Bali is a Dangerous Place…

You’ve all seen it on TV. Shows like What Happens in Bali warn of the dangers of travelling to the Island of the Gods, a notoriously scary place rife with danger and trouble, from Bali belly to motorbike-induced injuries when you have no insurance.

Before I went to Bali for the first time, people all around me sent an onslaught of worries, concerns, and fears for my safety. The majority of those people had never even been to Bali, but fear not! I have recently returned from the Indonesian archipelago and can confirm there were many real dangers I had to face. Pay attention, because these might just save you.

Beware of Bath Tubs

After a long and hot day wandering the busy streets and hearing nothing but shouts from storefronts and endless streams of honks, I thought it’d be great to have a shower. Nice and dry, I thought as I wrapped my towel around me and proceeded to step out of the tub. In a moment of weakness, I let my guard down. The tub did not hold back.  “Ah fuck,” I growled. Water is a human foot’s weakness and a bathtub’s strength. My left leg smashed against the edge of the bath scraped down as I tried to regain balance and escape from its reign of terror.  I managed to get my other leg free without injury, but vowed to never forget what happened that horrific night, and warn others so they might be more informed of the havoc Balinese bathtubs can wreak.

Beware of the Sun

More often than not, the sun will attack the weak or sleeping first, gaining strength to then go after the stronger of the human race. I was one of these poor, unaware victims. I put sunscreen on before I got on the boat, and again when I took my seat on the top deck. Then I fell asleep. It wasn’t until later that night, after arriving at our next island destination, that I realised I was torched. The small patch of sunburn in the centre of my chest was shaped like a heart. After two weeks of being burdened with a mark of fire, it finally started to fade, but there now lies a battle scar to serve as a reminder of my battle with the Balinese sun.

Beware of Roommates

On tours, you meet so many different people. Sharing rooms with strangers can be amazing, or entirely shit. My roommate for the whole trip was super bubbly and friendly. She also had minimal consideration for people around her, specifically me. Every morning, I was woken by way-too-loud videos being played on my roommate’s phone, among other things. I didn’t say anything, because I was afraid of it ruining the trip; I just wanted to have a good time. In the beginning, I’d throw a sleepy look her way and she’d apologise and turn the volume down, but after the same thing every morning, it can really starts to grate.

Beware of Muscle Fatigue

Breathless. Heart pounding. Legs like jelly and cement all at the same time. Climbing stair after stair, up and down, clinging to the railing; the only lifeline stopping me from being pulled away by the talons of fatigue. The pressure in my ears was ever-increasing. I’m not sure if I’m gonna make it, I thought to myself with every step. I didn’t think a Bali trip would have a gym prerequisite.

After the fight of my life, I managed to barely evade fatigue and at the end of the day, make it back to my accommodation. I will never forget how close I came to death, and vowed to gain strength so I would never be faced with the wrath of fatigue again.


Even though all these horrors played a huge part in my Bali adventure, I would go back tomorrow if I could. The culture of peace, the nature, the temples, the beaches — it’s all so beautiful and so safe. Sure, it may seem intimidating to people who get their news from A Current Affair, but just like you would do when travelling anywhere else in the world, be aware wary of what dangers there may be and then enjoy the hell out of yourself!

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