What Does a Writing Workshop in Spain With Global Hobo Entail?

What Does a Writing Workshop in Spain With Global Hobo Entail?

Oh! The things that we’ll see and do and learn while we’re traversing this great kingdom, writing our way around Spanish Iberia, immersing ourselves in a summer spent both off the beaten track and in the middle of all the action.

Yes, we’re spending time in cultural, political and hedonistic hotspots like Barcelona, San Sebastian, Madrid and Valencia, but we’ll also find ourselves partaking in plenty of wholesome pursuits in between.

Here’s a little taste.

(Note: we still have one spot in June/July, and a couple of slots left on our August trip, so if you know anybody who’d love to get down with this, you’d best let them know ASAP)


There’ll be plenty of opportunities to lace up the boots and give the booty a good old firmin’. One of the tragic oversights in a typical imagining of Spain is that it’s flat (where the rain mainly falls on plains, etc.) and beachy and hot and sunny – and it is! But there are a whole bunch of mountain ranges, and we’ll be visiting some of them too.


Pagoeta National Park
It’s not far from San Sebastian (Stoke Travel’s surf camp is actually inside the park), but all of your intrepid friends who visit the Basque culinary playground and rave about how much they love it have probably never been anywhere near here. Mountains and little short-legged horses and prehistoric dolmens and all the fairies and giants of Basque mythology.


Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park

A part of the Pyrenees mountain chain that separates the Iberian Peninsula from Europe proper, the Ordesa and Monte National Park looks a bit like Shangri La, or something, and I wouldn’t be surprised if intrepid hobos hike their way into The Land Before Time and return with funky fungus tales of flying lizards. Home to mountain goats, wolves and bears (the latter two we’d be lucky to see tracks from), natural swimming pools, waterfalls, high peaks and Aragonese cheese.

Visit Beautiful Stuff

Guaranteed that everywhere we go will have some beautiful stuff, because every tiny decaying village and bustling urban sprawl is laden with beauty in Spain. Here are some standouts that we’ll be cruising past, sleeping in, and maybe stopping at for some ‘gramming.

This Monastery

We found this one in the middle of nowhere and reckon it’s a pretty solid place to stop and maybe meditate or do something holy/pagan. It’s in La Rioja, too, so it’s likely the monks are fermenting their own grapes up there.

The Alhambra

The final stronghold of Islamic Spain (711-1492), the Alhambra is one of the world’s most spectacular buildings, made doubly so by the local custom of giving you free food when you buy a (very cheap) drink in a bar.


Back in the day, you built castles on mountain ridges because they acted as natural fortifications against invaders, but now this once-practical setup serves the sole purpose of making us think, The town could be in Game of Thrones! That’s the new default exclamation when faced with something impressive in it medieval-ness.

Try Really Nice Wine At The Source

Um, hello sweaty. Heard of La Rioja’s reds? Some of the world’s best reds, cultivated in a landscape so sexy it’ll make your throbbing head bearable.

What about the vino tinto they make under the cliffs in Priorat? Not many people have heard of this wine region, but we’ll take you there and you’ll weep delicious red tears.

*To be fair, everywhere we visit will have its own winemaking culture. It would be a real shame not to show our appreciation at every stop with a little indulging.


If you want to party, there will be plenty of opportunity to hit up bars, clubs, concerts, etc. We’ll also be able to indulge in my personal passion for traditional fiestas. Here are some of the best we’ll stumble across.

La Batalla de Vino de Haro

In the aforementioned La Rioja, and is literally a fight with wine. Keep your mouth closed (or don’t).

San Fermin

The only people who participate in the bullrun are arseholes and tourists (the overlap is uncanny), but San Fermin is a whole week of concerts, food, Basque culture and activism. Find out why young Spaniards shuffle home for bed when the tourists are getting ready to run.

Semana Grande
San Sebastian’s Big Week, think traditional dances, boat rowing regattas, food everywhere, and the grandmammy of fireworks displays to round the whole thing out every evening.

La Tomatina

It’s a really big tomato fight (and it’s really, really enjoyable/therapeutic).

Bird Watch

We probably won’t actually go bird watching, but in our adventures, we’ll incidentally come across some of these aviarian hotspots.

Flamingoes in the Delta del Ebro

And these eagles in the part of Spain where all the spaghetti westerns were filmed

Isn’t that wholesome!

Plus we’ll hit up innumerable beaches, local bars, beauty spots, lookouts, hang out with locals, do super fun stuff, have siestas every day, go to museums laden with famous Picassos and Dalis and Goyas and Mirós, and just generally roll around the country having an absolute churro of a time.

If you’re joining us, get excited, and if you’re not, you really should be. For more information, check out our workshops page, fill in an application or email us at hello@globalhobo.com.au. 

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