KitKatClub is Berlin's Best Sex Party

KitKatClub is Berlin’s Best Sex Party

Two things are essential for a Berliner night out: electro and sex. Put the two of them together and you have KitKatClub. This inconspicuous party place is home to some of the most notorious white-powdered benders in not only Berlin, but the world. KitKat is first and foremost a sex club, but if you’re not super keen on the fondling, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Just dress the part and don’t be put off by sleazy assumptions. Sex parties are pretty much the norm in Berlin. It’s good enough for R-Patz so it’s obviously THE place to be.

The dress code is extremely strict and, like many clubs in Berlin, you actually only have a 50% chance of getting let in for no reason other than the fact you are a foreigner. Have anything leather? Wear it. If not, try whatever remotely kinky outfit you can put together. If you’re not quite the kink connoisseur, try handcuffs, black party masks or not wearing any clothes at all. Just so you know, you’ll be surrounded by people in gimp masks and chains, so feel free to experiment. Slave or master? You decide.

The entrance is extremely discreet and looks more like a brothel than a raging night party. Perhaps try Google street viewing before arriving to avoid confusion. Do not get entirely inebriated at home; this is way too un-Berliner and you’ll look like a fool, but more importantly you’ll instantly be denied entry no matter how cock-hungry you look.

Avoid speaking too much: clubs in Berlin have a very locals-only vibe going on. These types of places are supposedly “secrets” and the last thing they want is a Contiki bus full of disgraceful puking foreign patriots pulling up outside. On approach to the bouncers, just act like you are way too cool for everything, but also a bit like you are a bitch on heat. Then you should be good to go. Don’t lose your cool after passing through the first checkpoint though – those kink police are only the beginning. Once inside, the heavy black doors (in place to screen that horrible thing called the sun), you arrive at the cloakroom. More judging means more shutting that little mouth of yours.

Down the ultra-violet lit hall and several fluorescent psychogenic artworks and there you are: KitKat in all its glory. The club itself consists of three dance floors, an outdoor area with a pool and numerous “relaxation” areas where coitus-hunters wait for their prey. Go behind the podiums, most likely occupied by naked old men flopping their bits around, to the maze of bathrooms for your quick fix of party potion – if that’s your thing. Drugs are free-flowing in this type of establishment and you are more likely to see pairs coming out of the cubicles rubbing their noses than someone doing up their pants after urinating.

KitKatClub is somewhere to feel safe no matter your sexuality or your level of sexual interest. The club’s motto, which translates to, “Do what you want, but stay in communication,” stays true, and if you don’t want to gobble, no ones gonna make you. Have fun, be safe and party on!

Cover via Venus Adult News

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