Sydney: Shelly Beach

Sydney: Shelly Beach

Get There:  Funnily enough, one of the best things to do when you go to Manly Beach is leave it, and trek along the pristine walkway at the southern end of the beach to Shelly Beach.

The shell-like sand is a natural exfoliate trapped between a jungle alcove called Cabbage Tree Bay and inhabited by wild turkeys and water monitor lizards, which faces away from the ocean. Here, you can snorkel with wobbegong sharks and giant Blue Groupers, trek over the headland to get a ball-tingling view of the Northern Beaches (ignoring the fact that you are skirting a sewerage treatment plant), and munch on overpriced burgers or wine at the shoreside Boathouse. Or just BYO and keep an eye out for rangers.

Cover by Mark Sh

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