Sydney: Newtown

Sydney: Newtown

Get There:  King Street or Newtown Train Station

Thank god Sydney has an effervescent suburb people can actually afford to eat and booze in. Although you run the risk of being served a sprinkling of MSG, countless Newtown restaurants serve delectable dishes of the world for pennies, and let you BYO.

Known as the lesbian suburb of Sydney, Newtown is also one of the least pretentious and most eclectic regions in the city, filled with vintage clothing, art, music and bustling nightlife. Wandering around the art-filled streets can make you feel like you have been sling-shotted to the 1970s as you encounter buskers rocking out near the train station, smell marijuana flooding the backstreets or read fliers about protests and music events attached to the street lamps.

Cover by Sang Nguyen

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