Sydney: Arq Nightclub

Sydney: Arq Nightclub

Get There:  Head to Taylor Square in Darlinghurst and you’ll find Arq at 16 Flinders Street

You can always trust the gays to keep the nightlife alive in a hyper-regulated city that has seen countless iconic bars, clubs and music venues close as a result – but not Arq Nightclub. Although strictly speaking a gay bar, it is a two-story madhouse filled with all walks of life at all hours of the night.

You might get bitch slapped by a drag queen or groped by middle-aged men, engage in a D&M about shit you really don’t care about whilst smoking a cigarette you really don’t want in trash alleyway, ingest drugs you never knew existed, get inundated in a sea of bicep muscles, watch your girlfriend make out with a gay guy who’s way hotter than you are or find out your boyfriend turned gay for the night, or forever.

Either way, we can’t recommend it enough. You will dance your digestive system away. Enter at your own risk and enjoy one of the last public venues in Sydney where you’re free to have a true-blue bender and do pretty much whatever the fuck you want. Entry is $25 on Saturday nights.

Cover by Hopeless128

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