Melbourne: Get a Pair of Jeans Made at Dejour

Melbourne: Get a Pair of Jeans Made at Dejour

Get There: Dejour Jeans, 542 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Open: 9:30am – 4:30pm

It’s hard to find jeans that are ethically made for under $200, and if you’re only willing to spend a quarter of that, you’ll usually end up with jeggings crafted in a sweatshop by an underpaid Bangladeshi child. Enter Dejour. This Sydney Road institution, whose owner has been in the jeans biz for decades, will tailor-make you a pair of bad boys for about $5o.

It works like this: enter the rather unimpressive looking building and choose a pair of jeans from the countless stacks and styles in the room. There’s every type of denim, colour and cut imaginable, and in-between sizes like 9s and 11s. Then, take them to the counter and choose what alterations you want: legs or waist taken in, length shortened, rips added, hems cuffed, button moved, pockets extended – if you can dream it, they can do it; and it’s all free, though if you want a re-dye, it’ll set you back $8.

If you come on the weekend, expect to wait up to an hour for your turn, but Sydney Road is scattered with an abundance of cheap grub and booze options to keep you entertained in the meantime.

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