Melbourne: Curtin House

Melbourne: Curtin House

Get There: 252 Swanston St, Victoria 3000

When you go and visit friends in Melbourne, they’ll probably take you to Rooftop, an iconic bar that’s on the top floor of the Curtin House building. It’s on Swanston Street, smack-bang in the middle of the city, so on a sunny afternoon the view is pretty epic. But the Curtin building isn’t just a bar with a view, it also houses a whole bunch of other venues that are infamous in their own right. There’s The Toff, which is one of Melbourne’s best live music joints (an achievement in a city with so many) and also Cookie, which is probably the perfect place to get a hickey on the d-floor from a random person.

For those looking for a more morally upright experience, there’s also a Rooftop Cinema, a Thai Restaurant, a bookshop and a record store. Curtin House is like a petri dish containing all these little samples of Greater Melbourne. Certainly worth a look.

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