Gold Coast: The Cambus Wallace

Gold Coast: The Cambus Wallace

Get There: 4/2237 Gold Coast Hwy, Nobby Beach (behind the huge wooden doors)

The Gold Coast may be known for its nightlife, but once you hit your twenties, you realise that grinding your face off whilst grinding on scantily-clad 18-year-olds isn’t that much of a novelty any more. The bar scene is still seriously lacking (they’re either overpriced and pretentious or host 80s karaoke at really inopportune times), but this is where the boat-themed Cambus Wallace comes in. It’s a genuinely cool place to hang out, fill up on delicious food (vegans welcome) and wrap your tastebuds around whisky and fresh-pressed apple juice. Or wine. Or whatever. It’s also wooden and grimy enough to trick punters into thinking they’re somewhere really hip, like Melbourne – especially when there’s live Blues on.

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