Gold Coast: Natural Bridge

Gold Coast: Natural Bridge

Get There: Bakers Road, Springrbook National Park. The turn off is really well signed all the way from the highway, as wella as from Nerang Murwillumbah Road.

About a decade ago, this dreamy rainforest gem was the spot to bask under waterfalls, cliff jump and bask under a ceiling studded with glow worms. Fast forward to the present day, and the stream of tourists checking out Natural Bridge is so thick you’re hard pressed to even get an elbow-free Insta snap of the waterfall. Not only that, but everything is pretty fenced off, with ominous warning signs about not swimming in the water.

Nevertheless, Natural Bridge is – as its name suggests – a natural wonder, and definitely something to witness at least once. A 400-metre stroll from the carpark (there are steps, but it’s all paved and not too hectic), a thick waterfall streams through a hole in a cave roof. And if you come at night time, the few glow worms that haven’t been scared away still sparkle like miniature diamonds. If you get really lucky and somehow pick a time to arrive when there’s no one there, do a sneaky fence climb and swim into the cave – it’s so worth the naughtiness.

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