Gold Coast: Mount Cougal Rock Pools

Gold Coast: Mount Cougal Rock Pools

Get There: Turn Mount Cougal Road from Tallebudgera Creek Road, cross the concrete bridge and look for the homemade signs.

Ah – that elusive waterhole on the back of a farmer’s property that you always hear about but can never find. The rumours are true – golden-topped mushrooms sprout from cow pads after a good rain, the waterfall is refreshing and much less crowded than its Currumbin neighbour (though it’s also a lot smaller) and the owners of the property don’t mind you swimming as long as you park your bloody car in the right place and don’t make too much noise.

To find the pools, cross the paddock and head for the trees – if you end up on a dirt road, you’re too high and too far, but it does follow the creek, so you’ll eventually find your way down. Come when it’s been relatively wet, as the water can get a bit stagnant in dry season, and watch out for snakes. Also, be aware that you’re on someone’s private property – so be respectful.

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