Things Worth Your Attention: Week Ending 29/1/17

Things Worth Your Attention: Week Ending 29/1/17

Holy smokes, what a week! Sorry about missing the previous Things Worth Your Attention — we know that you hang out for each and every installment, but I was on such a HIGH after seeing 3 Doors Down perform Trump’s inauguration live (on TV).

“I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind / I left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time / I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon / I feel there is nothing I can do, yeah.”

How prescient those lyrics have proven to be; it’s almost like these corn-fed fuckwits were trying to tell us something, like they perceived the imminent horror of the situation and decided to broadcast it from the belly of the beast. While the inauguration of Herr Cheeto was the source of great dread for compassionate, progressive Americans, as well as minority groups, and Melania Trump, an orange lining could be found in the schadenfreude garnered from 3 Doors Down being the hottest act that Trump could coerce into performing, a little ray of sunshine in what since has become a float to the dark side of the moon.

So now he’s president and while your contrarian friends are telling you to “give him a chance” and “wait and see what he does”, he’s gone and started doing everything that’s absolutely fucked in an effort to completely unravel Obama’s legacy, including:


Trump surrounded by eight men as he signs an anti-abortion executive order

These executive orders are nothing more than an exercise in division, a pedantic little tantrum, world leading for brats, intended to appeal to his already-converted supporter base, while further alienating the unprecedented number of Americans who viewed the Donald unfavourably before he’d even begun fucking things up. On the other hand, his supporters must be ecstatic as The Donald appears to be the only politician in recent memory who is actually going through with his election promises, while most of us hoped without reason that it was merely campaign-trail bluster.

And while all the available evidence points to Trump’s inauguration crowd reflecting his unpopularity, his spokesman, Sean Spicer, stammered through a statement that set the standard for the Trump administration’s commitment to truth. Apparently, according to team Trump, they drew “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period,” a claim that was infamously justified by Trump’s top advisor, Kelly Conway, as being the Trump team’s choice to use, “alternative facts,” a choice of words that eerily reflect Orwellian newspeak.

While either nobody or everybody was watching Trump pledge allegiance to big business interests, across Washington DC the anarchists were doing what they do and burning limos and smashing up shopfronts. One of them even clocked neo-Nazi fuckbag, Richard Spencer, an act that was widely applauded as being 2017’s highlight to date, in no short part due to the plethora of memes it spawned.


These events, however awesome for those of us who see no point in pussyfooting around while the fascist fuckbags walk all over us, had nothing to do with the equally awesome pacifistic women’s marches that took place in the States and all over the world. These marches, a perfect manifestation of democracy, every citizen’s right, and the peaceful path to progress and change, have been denigrated by many of our social media peers, resulting in one of the largest mass-defriendings we’ve ever seen. Seems like some women can’t comprehend that just because they personally don’t experience disadvantage due to their vaginas, many still do, and that just because women have it worse in other parts of the world, that doesn’t mean it can’t be better in the west, and besides, when the standard you hold your developed nation is that it only need to be better than the worse, then the only way is down for the society.


Or as I summed up in one of my proudest Facebook statuses to date:

Women protesting women protesting as if they’re not currently benefitting from previous women’s protests are the worst.
— Wade Gravy, Facebook, January 25th, 2017

And that’s enough on Trump for this week. Sorry to harp on about him, but what he does really does have massive implications for the world, and so far everything that he’s doing is fucked.

Yesterday was Australia Day, and it is really a shitty thing to celebrate. The invasion of Australia, the attendant genocide of the indigenous people, our continuing connection to Britain… even if you disagree with the Invasion Day rhetoric, for whatever personal, self-serving reasons, surely you can agree that it’s a bit weak of Australia, as a sovereign nation, to continue celebrating the successes of the British, because really, that’s all the date currently signifies. Hopefully by the next time we meet the date will have been changed, but that’s really fucken unlikely.

Happy Australia Day 2017 Greetings Cards

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