Intern with 50 Fiestas x Global Hobo

Intern with 50 Fiestas x Global Hobo

Wanna know what hanging from a goose’s neck and leaping over scores of babies has to do with the cultural identity of Spain? So does the crew at 50 Fiestas. They’re looking for an intern who’s passionate about film and television (and fiesta-ing), and wants to play an important part in the production of their documentary travel series. They need somebody who is well organised and tenacious, with the ability to work either on the road with the film crew, or in the office unsupervised. This position is ideal for a media, journalism or communications student who wants to get into the production side of the film and/or television industry.




Tasks: Helping with the project’s logistics, including helping with travel plans and contacting people on location who can help with the filming (travel boards, etc). Coming with the crew on the road and working as a fixer, sourcing people for interviews and sometimes acting as a translator. Helping out with extra acting, filming and social media where needed. You’ll also be expected to write one KILLER article to be run on Global Hobo each week.

As well as having mad English skills, you also need to be either a fluent or native Spanish speaker – aka you need to know your bad hombres from your good. Made social media skills are a plus, as is a basic knowledge of video production. Bonus points if you’re also funny as all hell and know how to use a semi-colon.

Time: Three months.

Starting date: As soon as bloody possible.

Perks: FREE ACCOMMODATION and the potential for paid employment once the internship is up. Plus, you may be eligible for uni credit if you’re still studying.

To Apply:

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