Stockholm: Skinnarviksberget

Stockholm: Skinnarviksberget

Get There: Exit the Zinkensdamm tunnelbana and head up the hill towards the archipelago rocks and crudely drawn arrows will guide you from there.

Been in Sweden a few days now and consider yourself a bit of a Scandi-local? Own enough black clothes to blend in with those fashionable Stockholmers?

Skinnarviksberget is the highest point in Stockholm’s south island, Södermalm and is a (if I can be a travel-blogging douchebag for two words) local gem. Sprawled all over the rocks like some trendy seabirds, Swedish youths flock to this archipelago high point to sip champagne (or for the hobos among them, cheap Kung beer) and gaze over one hell of a city view.  On a weekend eve, it’s not uncommon to see large groups of Swedes pre-gaming for their night out in Söder, complete with mini-grills and meatballs. And if you’re tired of munching on herring and potatis, Jj’s Thai To Go, just near the lookout, offers a mean Pad Thai for around $10AUD and is the perfect oh-so-Swedish chow to accompany your afternoon of  city gazing.

Skinnarviksberget will leave you a little in enamoured with this northern beauty’s steeples and spires and thinking that a minus 20 degree winter would be totally worth it if you could just live here forever.


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