Edinburgh: The Surgeon's Hall Museum

Edinburgh: The Surgeon’s Hall Museum

Get There: Nicolson Street, Edinburgh
Cost: Adults £6; Students and concession £3.5

Occasionally when traveling, a hobo can lose their enthusiasm for museums. In the interest of self-preservation, you begin looking exclusively for the ones that can shock, enthrall and horrify – a task that gets harder for the poor museums the longer you’re on the road. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that dreary old Edinburgh is home to one such museum. The Surgeon’s Hall boasts a notebook bound in the skin of a hanged murderer – a serial killer named Burke who sold the corpses of his victims to a doctor for use in his anatomy lectures. In fact, the whole place is pretty gory, with bones, human pieces floating in jars and paintings of ye olde style tooth extractions. We know you want to see it, you sicko.

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