Andorra: Don Denis Restaurant

Andorra: Don Denis Restaurant

Get There: Walk along Av. Carlemany in Escaldes-Engordany and you’ll come across this large wacky sign about half way down… turn into the alley and follow your nose.
Cost: Mid-range. About €12-15 per person for a selection of three courses from the set menu.

Don’t let the not-at-all-politically-correct logo and cured animal legs deter you, Don Denis is something of a hospitality institution. The walls are plastered with framed photographs of a man who we can only assume is Don Denis himself, and his many distinguished and satisfied guests (el presidente Spain, anyone?). The bread and olives are free, the staff are professional and yet… not. If they take a shine to you, you’ll find yourself plastered on free wine, fed chocolates and biscuits, and your final bill may even be heavily discounted. Despite the prevalence of animal carcasses as decor, there are a number of vegan and vegetarian options available too – we’re talking ratatouille, not side salad.

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