Hong Kong: Mr Wong's

Hong Kong: Mr Wong’s

Get There: 10 Shamchun Street, Mong Kok. Head to Argyle Street from Mong Kok MTR Exit C4. Walk along Argyle Street for five minutes and swing left on Shamchun Street. Mr Wong’s is on the right.
Open: 7am – 1am

If you don’t go to Mr Wong’s, you are missing out on a seriously eventful experience. His small restaurant, open since 1972, has the capacity for around 20 people, but if you are bringing along an extra 30 that’s perfectly fine, as Mr Wong will make it work. For $60HKD, you will be provided with all you can eat AND all you can drink. Upon entry, I got yelled at by Mr Wong in his roaring high-pitched laugh for not having already grabbed myself a couple of cans of beer from the esky, and on my way out, I got yelled at again for not grabbing some for the ride home. The food isn’t necessarily the best quality (noodle and rice dishes and dim sum), but Mr Wong is of a quality like no other. He will shower you with gin, vodka, whisky or wine at no extra cost, but even if you’re not there to booze, Mr Wong alone is worth going for. You will leave the restaurant dizzy – not just from the free beers, but from the hectic, buzzy atmosphere. Don’t miss out!

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