Xi'an: Terracotta Army

Xi’an: Terracotta Army

Get There: Book a cheap tour through a hostel and they will pick you up and drop you off afterwards.

One day in 1974, a group of farmers found a small piece of terracotta when they were building a water well. One of them fancied he could take it home and use it as a jar. Not long after, the farmers dug up a terracotta torso, and soon discovered they had actually stumbled across a collection of warriors built by the first Emperor of China – one of the greatest archaeological finds of modern times. Since then, 2,000 warriors have been uncovered and it is estimated that there are around 8,000 in total. Crazy stuff, and well worth the visit.

If you join a tour of the warriors through your hostel, they will also show you to the Secret Tomb of China‚Äôs First Emperor, which is literally just a hill in the distance with some signage. But under that hill, multiple millennia ago, the First Emperor was buried after his death along with thousands of his concubines, all of whom were allegedly still alive…

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