Shanghai: People's Square (Marriage Market)

Shanghai: People’s Square (Marriage Market)

Get There: Wusheng Rd, Huangpu. Get off the metro at People’s Square Station and walk towards the middle of the park for about five minutes to find the Marriage Market.

Every Saturday, hundreds of parents sit around People’s Square all day with their children’s resumes on display in the desperate hope they can find their kid a partner. The Marriage Market was created after the decrease in population due to China’s former One Child Policy and in response to children being more career-focused and putting marriage as a lower priority. Details on resumes include birth year, sex, height, family values, Chinese zodiac sign, weight, income, job and university qualifications. Rather than swiping left like you would on Tinder, parents can take a step to the left in the park to look at the next candidate if they see that someone’s attributes are not sufficient for their single but precious offspring.

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