Midigama: Lazy Left Surf Accommodation

Midigama: Lazy Left Surf Accommodation

Get There: On the beach side of Matara Rd between Ram’s Right and the Lazy Left surf break
Cost: Negotiable, as is most everywhere in Sri Lanka, but expect to pay around 1200 – 2000LKR a night for a double room.

If all you need are some tasty waves and a cool buzz, then chilled-out Lazy Left Surf Accommodation is for you. Much cleaner than some of its more popular counterparts and with an in-house kitchen serving scrumptious local food, Lazy Left offers simple rooms with epic views, even simpler bathrooms (cold water) and ridiculously good WiFi. There’s a hammock and a swimming lagoon literally out the front, and about a dozen surf breaks within walking distance. At times, the rooms can get a bit musty, but there’s a convenience store nearby that sells incense, so just get a bit of Nag Champa pumping and you’ll be sweet. Also, provided it hasn’t washed away with the monsoons, you may notice an epic rooster mural painted on the front wall – done by Global Hobo’s very own INDN.


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