Kaikoura: Ohau Stream

Kaikoura: Ohau Stream

Get There: Ohau Stream is 27km north of Kaikoura. The carpark is on your left side as you head up the SH1.

Yes, this is real life. Every winter, hundreds of fur seal pups swim up Ohau Stream to frolic in the pool of its picturesque waterfall. They are all the older children of mothers who have recently given birth to new babies, and spend their time in the rainforest for the purpose of companionship, safety and fun. It’s about a 240m walk from the roadside carpark to the pool, and along the way, you’ll no doubt spot dozens of pups sleeping on rocks, in the crooks of tree trunks and even in the lower branches. When they dance up to you with cheeky grins on their whiskered faces, as tempting as it is to pat them (slash shove them in your backpack to take home), just don’t – they are wild animals and should stay stay that way.


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