Sydney: $3 Pizza at Café Lounge

Sydney: $3 Pizza at Café Lounge

Get There: 277 Goulburn St, Surry Hills
Open: 5pm – 12am weekdays, 4pm -12am Saturdays, 4pm-10pm Sundays. The pizza deal happens Tuesdays from 5.

At most venues in Sydney, pizza is $3 a slice and usually dripping in enough grease to cause an instant heart attack. On Tuesdays, however, hip Café Lounge sells whole pizzas for that price as long as you buy a drink. They’re 12 inches in diameter and gourmet as shit, with thin crusts and artful names: think Nut King Cole (walnuts, spinich, ricotta, pumpkin, rocket and lemon oil), Chilli Holiday (calabrese salami, olives, ricotta, oregano and chilli flakes) and Mushruma Thurman (mushrooms, basil, bocconcini and truffle oil). Happy hour is from 5 – 7pm, where you can nab beer and house wine for a fiver and cocktails for half price. If you manage to order a pizza in that gap, expect a wait of 45 minutes, anything after and you may be there two hours. Lucky the venue, with its maximalist tropical décor, funky beats, and cosy atmosphere, isn’t the worst place to wait. It’s actually great every night of the week, with other highlights including free comedy on Mondays and $10 burgers on Thursdays.

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