Photoshop Fail Lands Woman Free Trip to China

Photoshop Fail Lands Woman Free Trip to China

You may berate armchair travellers for staying home and wanderlusting, but the reality is travel can be pretty bloody difficult when you hail from a developing country. But Kenyan woman Sevelyn Gats wasn’t about to let a little something like money or being in Africa get in the way of an overseas trip.

After announcing to her Facebook friends that she was off to China, Sevelyn got savvy (and I use the term loosely) with Photoshop and began to share snaps of her time in the Land of the Dragon.

On February 29, she boarded a plane with Kenya Airways, and from there, things escalated quickly.


Here she is just inches from death, keeping her cool with a chill smile.


All too soon, on March 4, it was time to say goodbye to China and all of the new friends she made.


Of course the internet wasn’t going to just let a thing like Sevelyn’s trip to China slide by unnoticed. Using the hashtag #WhereIsSeveGatsNow, other gifted Photoshop users decided to send her around the world.

Here’s Sevelyn jumping out of a plane.

And here, at the Taj Mahal.

She even made it to Paris.

But you haven’t even heard the best part of the story yet. Kenyan entrepreneur and all-round nice guy Sam Gichuru stumbled across Sevelyn’s posts and decided to make her dreams a reality by shouting her a trip to China. Sevelyn is currently in the process of getting all her documents together, and will be on a real plane sometime soon.

Sadly, Sam has made it pretty clear that Sevelyn’s case is a one off, so if you’re thinking of following in her footsteps, you may have to try another tactic.

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