Sydney: Get Drunk at Goldstein Reserve

Sydney: Get Drunk at Goldstein Reserve

Get There: Arden Street, Coogee Beach.

Goldstein Reserve is a good place to chill out on a sunny weekend day and ponder overpopulation. Since you’re legally allowed to drink booze here during daylight hours, there’s a steady flow of it being consumed from the early morning – old alcoholics quietly sip VBs in the gazebos at the south end of the beach while lycra-clad heroes are running up and down the esplanade. Later, families congregate around the BBQs, drinking chardonnay and eating delicious animals that you can’t afford while English and Irish backpackers pickle themselves in Aldi beer. The whole beachfront is beautiful, along with the views of Wedding Cake Island, so get yourself a few cold ones and enjoy the scene. It’s a sight that could make even the most conservative, God-fearing fundamentalist gain sympathy for  the pro-choice movement.

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