Melbourne: Souvlaki Bar

Melbourne: Souvlaki Bar

Get There: 315 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

They make really big kebabs at this joint – fucking huge. In fact, their kebabs are so big that most drunken Melburnians don’t seem to be able to finish one. Enter hungry hobo. Whether you’re an opportunist lurking around the tables for a late-night free feed, or  a ravenous person willing to drop $12, the Souvlaki Bar is the jewel of Brunswick Street’s fast food options. Whether it’s lamb or falafel, you really can’t go wrong.

For those who are more “hobo” than “global”, there’s nothing quite like picking up a warm kebab stub off the iconic Melbourne cobblestones and jamming it in your gob, then stumbling into one of Brunswick Street’s grimy bars and ordering another pint.

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