Sydney: Little Congwong Nudist Beach

Sydney: Little Congwong Nudist Beach

Get There: Little Conwong is directly accessible from Henry Head Lane, or you can access it from the Congwong Beach carpark – 1532R Anzac Parade, La Perouse 2036.

Do you like snorkelling, sunbaking and rock-hopping with your pink bits on display? Look no further than Botany Bay’s paradisal Little Conwong Beach. Located a 20-minute drive from Sydney’s CBD, the beauty of this secluded (unofficial) nudist retreat is bound to leave you breathless. Little Congwong attracts a mix of naturists of all genders, sexualities and ages, meaning it is peaceful and generally free of rock spiders. But if public nudity isn’t your thing, just take a splash at Congwong Beach instead. The two are joined by either a five-minute rock scramble or a short concrete path, though because Little Congwong is slightly further from civilisation, it is a tad nicer. Fishing enthusiasts will be pleased to know they can bring their bait and tackle and sling their rod over the rocks, but be wary that as calm as the seas are, they are unpatrolled.

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