A Pubic Love Declaration

A Pubic Love Declaration

I am a born-again bush supporter.

There – I said it. I love it. I love when I step out of the shower and look in the mirror and feel proud of myself for making it through those weird and shitty days of puberty and growing into an a-la-natural woman. It’s my love rug, my wilderness, my protector. Frankly, I don’t want to look like a five-year-old-girl or tacky LA porn star anymore, no sir.

In a recent conversation, a male housemate declared that he would send a girl back in a taxi after taking her home from a night out and encountering a carpeted downstairs. To be made to feel unattractive and dirty for deciding that you want to leave your body the way it is is pretty twisted. I’ll admit, up until recently I have shaved when I’m sharing my body with a lover, and I on a few occasions, I have found myself apologising to guys for having pubic hair, making up excuses like, “Sorry I wasn’t prepared…” (I was prepared, I had a vagina). And some girls truly dig having a bald eagle, not just because they think guys like it but because they themselves feel sexy when bare.

It comes down to the fact that I want us as women to feel like we have a choice with what to do to with our bodies and to hold no shame around what we decide. It’s a question that keeps bugging me, and has since I first hit puberty. A 2008 study of hair removal in young Australian women revealed that nearly 50% of female undergraduates mow their lawns. Why? Why do we feel like as young woman, we have to remove our body hair to fit in to society and feel attractive when nude? Obviously influences from the porn industry, the cosmetic industry and the media have something to do with the lack of longhaired beavers. Imagine if men and women spent the amount of time, energy, money and emotion getting rid of pubic hair doing something that is actually constructive.

Removing the bush from a tush has nothing to do with hygiene, so let’s throw that argument out the door. Actually, you could argue quite the contrary. A health article published in the Guardian said shaving pubic hair only removes a cushion against friction and protection against unwanted pathogens, leaving tiny open wounds that expose you to infections and provide additional sites for sexually transmitted infections. When combined with the moisty warmness of the genitalia, it can become a happy culture medium for nasty bacteria.

The only real benefit to the removal of pubic hair to assist getting rid of lice or crabs. All others reasons are simply a perception of attraction. Hair free and carefree? What part of grooming and beauty maintenance is carefree? You have to care, a lot actually, to remove your hair. Shaving can give you nasty ingrown hairs or shaving rash and it not only makes hair darker and thicker but encourages growth. Waxing is expensive and hurts like a motherfucker. Hair removal cream has more chemicals than an ecstasy pill at a bush doof, and laser treatment is great if you have a spare $500 lying around the house. No matter what, eventually it’s going to grow back; follicles will win the war every time.

There are those rare men out there who don’t mind what a girl chooses to do with her body, and I have even met guys who like girls letting it grow wild. So to my fellow supporters who want to be able to feel free from judgment when deciding on whether or not to get rid of the hair down there, please speak up and help our sustainable community gardens blossom. End the war on pubic hair and let that shit grow, man.

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