London: Laxeiro

London: Laxeiro

Get There: 93 Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG
Cost: Nothing on the breakfast menu is over £10, a coffee is under £2

Regardless of whether you are visiting London for a whirlwind trip or settling in long term, one of the brightest things to do in this perpetually grey city is to spend a Sunday morning smelling the roses along Columbia Road Flower Market. A fairy land of floral and greenery, this crowded road can become packed out pretty quickly and you risk decapitation by hydrangeas if you don’t watch your step. The perfect place to find shelter in this chaotic street is by walking to the very end and ducking off to the left into Laxeiro: a cute, family-run Spanish restaurant that is easy on the eyes and friendly on the wallet. If you love a good brunch, but you’re too busy counting your pounds to eat out, then you will love it here. Nothing on their Sunday breakfast menu is over a tenner and you can grab a bloody good cappuccino for £1.80. Fork over £7 for the Spanish breakfast and you won’t need to eat again until lunch. It will provide you with enough energy to head back out into the madness of the markets and leave you enough money to invest in some blooms for that special someone you have your eye on (or someones if things really got messy the night before).

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