Hakuba: Bathe in an Onsen

Hakuba: Bathe in an Onsen

Get There: There are plenty sprawled around the village, both in hotels and run separately.
Cost: Entry usually costs around ¥650

Onsens are traditional Japanese hot springs. Soak your muscles after a long, strenuous day on the mountain in their steaming natural water, sourced from the depths of the earth. You must be completely naked when bathing in the springs, though if you’re shy, you can walk out with a complimentary towel that covers approximately one medium-sized areola. You also need to clean yourself before you get it by sitting on a small potty and using a hand-held shower. The onsens will always provide body wash, shampoo and conditioner (score!) and often sometimes weird creams with unreadable labels and a pictures of horses. Fancier spas have blow dryers, combs and more unidentifiable creams in the change rooms. All traditional onsens are single sex only, meaning men and women are separated, but of course, some Aussie-influenced ones have popped up where gals and fellas can all hang out in swimmers and drink beers and pee in the water. I personally like sticking to the traditional nudie hot tubs, where I can conduct secret mental studies on the ratio of Brazilian waxes to bush rangers.

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