Budapest: Warmup Cocktail Bar

Budapest: Warmup Cocktail Bar

Get There: On the Pest side of the city, Nagy Diófa u. 26, 1072

Sometimes you can no longer stomach chugging cheap beer and just want someone to look at with you respect for drinking in an establishment that serves alcohol out of glass and not plastic. Sometimes you want this so bad, you are prepared to spend a night’s budget drinking one or two cocktails in a bar whilst being looked after by cute bartenders who want to do nothing more than make your alcoholic dreams come true.

Warm Up Cocktail bar is a quiet little joint with a limited number of seats tucked down Nagy Diofa, around the corner from the famous Szimpla bar. They have no menu, just a plethora of knowledgeable bartenders who upon arrival, will bring you fresh water with cucumbers in it (free food!) and then quiz you on what you like in a cocktail. Sweet, sour, vodka, gin – whatever you are partial to, the bartender will use his or her neverending encyclopedic knowledge and bring you out a personalised glass of booze, that if you are very lucky, will have been specifically matched to your lipstick.

For the best experience, get there a little early (from 8pm) in order to monopolise the bartenders attention and relish in the detail with which they’ll make your drinks. The amount of flavour and care that goes into each glass of fizz is worth the slightly jazzy price tag, and the alcoholic content ensures you only need a couple to get your sophisticated buzz on, ensuring you leave with your dignity, wallet and (thanks to the matching drink) lipstick intact.

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