Berlin: Das Hotel Wine Bar

Berlin: Das Hotel Wine Bar

Get There: Mariannenstrasse 26a, Kreuzberg

If you’re a hobo and you love wine, cosy candlelight nooks and bartenders with an air of contempt, then this place is for you. Candles drip artfully from various corners; arranged in a non-arranged kind of way, while the dim lighting ensures that you are bathed in a soft glow when you wink seductively (and sloppily) at the cute bartender from across the room. You may feel like everyone here is currently penning a masterpiece or carrying a penguin book in their back pocket, but the beers are cheap (2.5)!, the wine is plentiful and it’s cosy on a gently snowing winters’ night.

Hobo Tip: The place becomes packed quickly, so get in early and snag yourself a candle lit nook.

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