Arugam Bay: Thithanis Roti Hot

Arugam Bay: Thithanis Roti Hot

Get There: Beach Road in front of Baby Surf Point (directly left of Samanthi’s Restaurant at Freedom Beach Cabanas).

In a country devoid of real milk, breakfast can sometimes be a bit of a sad affair if you don’t like eating dahl first thing in the morning. Enter this tiny shack (more of a grandfather’s toolshed, really) with an impossible-to-pronounce name. For 180LKR, you can get a tasty guacamole, cheese and egg roti, which really isn’t much different from your typical Aussie 20-dollar eggs and avo on toast. There’s also flavours like pumpkin or pineapple and chocolate, and they’re all cheap, delicious and best washed down with a milo popper.

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