Arugam Bay: Siam View

Arugam Bay: Siam View

Get There: SVH – YMCA, Siam View Hotel, Ampara 32500

It’s expensive as all hell as far as food in Arugam Bay goes (think 800 – 1200LKR), but the food at Siam View is superb thanks to its Thai owner, who feels she has been in Sri Lanka “far too long”. The curries, pad thai and tom yum soup are so tasty that you risk ordering so much you cannot leave your chair. With its pretty rooftop courtyard and stage (which is often graced by local reggae bands), it’s also a great place to come for a beverage and a boogie on the weekend. During peak season, you can sip on an array of arrack cocktails and home-brewed beer, but in the quieter months, you’ll only have access to beer, wine and anything tonic-water based.

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