Arugam Bay: Peanut Farm Beach

Arugam Bay: Peanut Farm Beach

Get There: About 6km south of Arugam Bay. Turn left onto the mud flat between the second and third army base entrance, and you will find a dirt road that leads to the sea.

When the waves at Arugam Bay aren’t working, you want to have a cheeky joint on a tree swing or perhaps catch a glimpse of the resident bull elephant, ask your tuktuk driver for a lift to Peanut Farm Beach. This little slice of heaven has relatively clean seas to swim in, plenty of places to chill the fuck out and a miniscule café that’s open whenever it’s surfing season. The beach break is ideal for beginners, and there’s also a right that breaks near to the rocks.

Seeing as the place is wedged between two military bases, you can get a bit of a weird feeling when you catch glimpses of the men on patrol carrying rifles, but you’ll get no trouble from them if you’re not being a pest or trespassing. Also, if you bring a backpack containing fruit or jam, be careful, as a family of elephants lives nearby and it is not uncommon for the enormous male to charge in looking for snacks. If he is there when you are, keep your distance, as he has killed six people over the course of his 70 or so years, and his moods aren’t always stable.


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