Siem Reap: Ivy Fridays

Siem Reap: Ivy Fridays

Get There: Ivy Guest House: Central Market Street, before the river on the right
Cost: Everything 1USD (tapas, cocktails, beer)

When you manage to wine and dine three people for $15 (cocktails included), you know you’ve hit the jackpot. And at Ivy Guesthouse, you can hit this jackpot every Friday night. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted with a pen and an A4 menu detailing the night’s delicious offerings. All you’ve got to do is tick the boxes next to the ones you’d like to gobble. With countless vegetarian options and just as much in store for meat-lovers, everyone is bound to be satisfied at this lively backpacker’s pitstop. White Russian in one hand, purring kitten in the other, you’ll wonder how you’ll ever get through all of the plates that are beginning to pile up on your table. But worry not; as soon as your neglected gut gets a spoonful of what’s in store on those dishes, you’ll be requesting your menu back for a second round of vicious ticking.

Hobo Tip: If you’ve over-ordered (or other tables have left uneaten treats behind), don’t stress. That heinous little money belt your mum bought you may be a completely inconvenient substitute for a wallet, but when filled to capacity can hold approximately two plates of tapas for later.

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