Melbourne: Shop at Hot Potatoes

Melbourne: Shop at Hot Potatoes

Get There: 120-124 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 3056
Open: 10am – 7pm every day

It’s no secret that Sydney Road boasts one of the greatest collection of junk stores in the southern hemisphere. But there is nowhere better than Hot Potatoes. This mother-of-all two-dollar stores sells everything a Melburnian could ever need. I’m talking awkward horse and eagle-print t-shirts, sparkly tubs of glitter, 90s-gal choker-necklaces, rainbow fairy lights, garden gnomes, green eyeliner, novelty lighters, naughty lingerie, breast-shaped stress balls and creepy dolls that could only have been made in a sweat shop circa 1922. And don’t even get me started on their costume section.

No matter what occasion you’ve got coming up – bush doof, romantic night in, Bar Mitzvah, punk gig, Corroborree, 70s disco or children’s birthday party – Hot Potatoes has it covered with its fabulous and often downright inappropriate collection of wigs, outfits and accessories. Everything is covered in dust, and everything is amazing. Come for a minute, and before you know it, three weeks have elapsed and your basket is full of a ramshackle collection of shit you never even knew you needed.

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